6 Things Seniors Just HATE About Florida

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If you are considering Florida for retirement, you should first listen to what some people hate about it first!

A lot of people who are close to retiring are already dreaming about moving to sunny Florida! Or maybe you are part of the group of people who are already retired and ready to relocate, and this is one of your top state destinations! Believe us, there are a lot of reasons why Florida is one of the best states to retire in, with many seniors vouching for it, but there are also just as many things that locals hate about it.

Whether you are not used to the heat that comes along with this otherwise beautiful state or you have not seriously considered what the climate and wildlife entail, we’ve got you covered! We have gathered some of the biggest pet peeves and complaints people have about Florida so that you can make an informed choice about the place you may want to make your new forever home!

Believe us, some of the reasons why people hate this state may have never even crossed your mind!

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10 Responses

  1. I feel this article is an exaggeration of the facts.
    I have lived in 3 other states, all with their own issues and have been in FL for 20 years. Traffic is bad in the big cities. However there are still a lot of rural areas. Traffic in our area has increased dramatically since we moved here but so has all the amenities, shopping, restaurants, entertainment. It comes with the territory.
    Weather, personally I’d rather have heat and humidity than shovel snow. In the summer you go from air conditioned car, to house to business. The sun shines most of the time and I spend my summer days at the beach or pool. All areas of the country have their own unique weather issues
    Wild life? I love the wildlife. We do have a pond behind our house and I love watching the gators. We have had otters, deer, wild boar, coyotes and bobcats. I do not like the snakes. You respect them, they will not harm you.
    As far as roaches , yes they are bigger here. But I do my own spraying and have never had a roach issue in the 20 years of living here. Fire ants aren’t fun but you can control them too. I’ve had more ant issues ( sugar ants) than anything. And we had ants in PA and IN too.
    So all and all as a northern transplant I will take FL any day.
    One thing you didn’t mention was insurance rates. Car and homeowners ins is very high. To me that’s the downside but worth it living in paradise.

  2. You forgot to mention the political climate. Florida has become an authoritarian state. No political party should dictate the rules and laws. There is no division between church and state. Look how quickly the state is dictating how Disney should be operated.
    The arrogance and power grabbing politicians will continue to create laws that will make the KKK and their beliefs to be the natural landscape. I am a white male in my sixties and this is not acceptable.

  3. Live in Florida and am trying to move out for my retirement. I have been here 37 years but it is now a totally different place. I love Ft. Lauderdale where I live but is now too crowded and too expensive. I do not care for other areas in Florida that are more rural and cheaper as you had better be right wing or they will make your life miserable. I live in an ordinary home-nothing special and hazard insurance was eight thousand dollars last year and am told to expect forty to fifty per cent increase this year. That is absurd and people need to be warned about this before they move here. My family now is in the north and are not coming back to Florida so perfect opportunity to get out

  4. all these things are true and getting worse i lived in sanibel. naples and orlando for 20 yrs. The roaches (palimetto bugs they call them are huge, heat and lighting storms from may to october are dailky around 2pm everyday. do not buy a covertible. My suggestion go down in dec to mid april and get the hell north. Also those months traffic can be horrific and move close to the coast if affordable for you the prices are sky high now anywhere near mid to southern florida coasts. more than doubled in the last 10 years good luck, move elsewhere

  5. Florida What is so terrible about the heat? Everything is Air conditioned or relax by the pool. Cheaper to live here and you don’t slip and fall on the ice! . I am 94 lived here for 33 years. My husband passed away in November 2019 at age 92.. Health insurance much better and saves us a lot of $$$. There are pros and cons where ever you choose to retire. If you do move anywhere make sure its a gated community and be sure to buy home owners insurance have had many leaks from apartment above or better yet buy a 4th floor in an elevator building. Dinner, dancing, shows movies! Who’s complaining? Oh yes hurricane season that is sometimes pretty scary! But you learn soon enough how to prepare and pray it never happens!

    try it if you are unhappy you can always go back just save your winter clothes!!!!

  6. I’ve lived in Florida for 40 years and there is some truth to what you say. Traffic is a real problem and we have the worst drivers in the country here. They recently added two more lanes to I-95…by making the old lanes narrower, so you feel like you are inches away from the lunatic next to you. The palmetto bugs are pretty disgusting, but harmless. There are lots of tornados, but they are small ones and don’t do a lot of damage like the big ones in the Midwest. And yes, the tourists clog the roads and restaurants during the winter. It gets hot and humid during the summer, but I play golf year around and don’t have any trouble with it. Not everyone likes Florida, but for those who do it is a deliverance from the cold, and gloom of the Northeast where I came from. I would never go back.

  7. The matter where you move to there you are! If you’re the type that looks for something to hate you will find it.

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