7 Cities Where You Can Pay Your Rent via Social Security Alone

Social Security check
Photo by Felix Mizioznikov from shutterstock.com

7. Lake Charles, Louisiana

The first city we’re going to talk about in today’s article is Lake Charles, located in the beautiful state of Louisiana. According to different sources, the regular monthly rent for an apartment in 2023 will be less than $1,100, and the difference between what you should pay for rent and Social Security will be less than $730.

Now that you have your rent covered, you could use the rest of the money to purchase all the things that you want. Whether you want to have fun at the casino and maybe make a profit, or you want to play golf every week, there are many pleasant ways you could spend your dollars.

If you’re a fan of nature and your batteries are charged when you spend some time under the sun, looking at breathtaking landscapes, and feeling the breeze through the trees, you’ll be happy to hear that 26 miles along the Gulf of Mexico wait for you to discover them.

You can do that while driving the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road, and if that’s not for you, Lake Charles has a lot of restaurants to try for a special date night.

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