5 Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors Over 55 (No Stress at All!)

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Have you ever considered these part-time jobs for seniors?

When it comes to part-time jobs for seniors, the pool of candidates is way different than what you should expect. No matter how able-bodied we may be, we cannot deny the fact that going back to work as servers as we did in our college days or giving out fliers while being paid per hour is not going to cut it anymore. We have our own habits and quirks that we have developed over the years, and we have also gone past that time in our lives. Not to mention, we cannot be on our feet for that long anymore.

So what are other part-time jobs for seniors that we can access? It may be hard to think about them or even envision some of them, but we guarantee you that they are out there for you. Not only will these part-time jobs for seniors achieve the goal of supplementing your fixed income in retirement, but they are also going to be low-stress and flexible so that you can enjoy a comfortable program while also getting paid well.

Keep on reading to discover some of the best part-time jobs for seniors!

Have you considered working after you retire? Tell us all about your decision and your reasons for it in the comments below!

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  1. Number 4 needs better research….”pays decently”? Been a Uber driver over 7 years, Uber drivers received 80% of what riders paid to Uber, since passage of Ca prop 22, in 85% of accepted rides, Uber has added insurance, even as they admit they are NOT an insurance company, broker or affiliated with any insurance company, priced from $1 as high as $10, taxes and other “miscellaneous” deductions from drivers that comes in some cases almost 47% for drivers…..pays decently? Hardly, even for retired seniors like myself

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