9 Ways to Increase Your Social Security Check in 2023

social security myths
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When Social Security was first introduced in 1935, it was never meant to be the main source of income that could support Americans in their golden years. Rather, its main function was to provide a safety net for those unable to save enough money for retirement.

For the next several decades, the majority of people never paid much attention to their Social Security due to their reliance on guaranteed pensions and, of course, shorter lifespans.

Things are very different today. Retirement planning is now vital if you want to make sure your Social Security checks will cover most of your post-work life expenses. They are important for securing income sufficiency in your golden years, and there are ways to boost your benefits.

Given the fact that you receive reliable cash for the rest of your life, many people want to increase their Social Security checks. But how do you do that?

Keep reading to find out 9 ways to max out your monthly check!

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