5 Legal Documents All Seniors Should Already Have

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Have you ever wondered if there are any legal documents you should already have prepared just in case?

The undeniable truth is that all of us are aging, and as we reach the point of retirement, we should already be preparing certain legal documents as soon as possible. Not only will they end up saving you a lot of hassle, time, and money when you are even an older senior, but they will also come in handy if something happens to you out of the blue. After all, despite it being hard to admit sometimes, we are all aging, and having all these legal documents on hand will ensure we have something less to stress over.

Not to mention, having these important legal documents done will also make sure that you are in full control of your life. From maternal wishes to what will happen to your assets after you pass, these will all insure that you will be given autonomy and that all that you desire to happen is going to be done according to your wishes.

This can both bring you a sense of relief and relaxation that you wouldn’t get if you ended up not feeling well and having to deal with the stress of all of this too, but it will also help your loved ones in case the worst happens.

In the end, having these legal documents prepared will end up being beneficial no matter if they end up being used or not, since life is unpredictable.

Have you started thinking about these legal documents already? Let us know in the comments!

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    1. Google on-line for your state (e.g., DPOA for Florida; Wills in Virginia). That’s a good start, anyway. I did all myself paying a fee ($99) to make sure that all of the forms were legal in my state, etc. It can be done from one source, as I did, or you can Google separately for each document you need. General advice, I guess, is to keep it all simple…

    2. Linda,

      Look up above where there are 6 squares #1 thru #6. When you click on #1 it will talk to you about the forms. Starting at # 2 discusses the first form and going through to #6 that is the last form. #2 through #6 talks about each type of form. They don’t provide any actual forms but rather how each one affects you – Lawyer will have each form that you might need. You can list each type and if you go see a lawyer bring that list with you and he can advise you legally how each one handles your request in the case of your death. Hope this helps

    3. We can to our Library and get books on how to make a will-make or a power of attorney- make a trust fund or but make sure you know the difference meaning revocable and non-revocable-trust funds are very expensive to do and pay whoever holds this form. A medical form can be done at your Dr.office most have that form. OR if you go back to your mail you can click on there when your mouse comes up up-click. Hope this helps.

  1. It would have been nice if you posted these necessary items. As seniors we don’t often remember what to have for our kids to make our passing easy .

  2. I am very interested in having these documents available. I worry about what could happen if I don’t have things in order if I wind up in a long term care facility or on my death.

  3. What 5 Legal documents are they? What’s the cost of these documents and do they meet the state of Pennsylvania’s Law?

  4. For our 1st anniversary, my Husband took me to a Funeral home and we made arrangements for our deaths. Everything was set up except for what we would wear and the flowers. Everything went on a payment plan and when that was paid for, the interest kept accumulating – so our funeral is paid in full. Then our 2nd anniversary, we bought burial plots. The 3rd year we bought a marker, monument, with all the information, except date of death, the next year we got a Trust made out. Every year thereafter, we update it.

  5. Is there a place to locate these documents without having to pay for an attorney? Are there sites that offer these documents, to be filled out, for free or at low cost?

  6. I was a store manager at Office Depot and we carried multiple packets of documents, most of the ones mentioned in this email. They start at $9.99 to $19.99…hope this helps!

  7. I have my last will and testament, but I do not know where to go to get it made official. Just to a Notary, or to the courthouse?

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