California vs. Florida: Which One Is Best for YOUR Retirement?

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If you’re about to retire, then you are probably in the midst of making a very important decision that will definitely have an impact on your future. As a soon-to-be retiree, you might want to focus on a different state, somewhere where you can finally relax, stay in the sun, take care of your garden, and go to the beach every day until you get tired of finding sand in your bags, purses, or even your car. For such plans, the obvious choice would be somewhere near the ocean, and when we say somewhere near the ocean, we clearly think of two main locations: California and Florida.

These two states are not only great for traveling but, if you can afford it, also for living, and they’re worth considering. They are both popular destinations where there’s warm weather and sunny days all year. And the retirement communities there are taken out of a catalog. Today, we’re going to discuss which of these two states is the best choice for YOU.

First things first, let’s just say that Florida is a better choice to retire if you plan on having a lower cost of living and don’t want to pay too many taxes. On the other hand, California is recommended if you dream of living in warmer weather and sunny days all year long.

Also, if the crime rate is something that deeply concerns you, California is a better choice. But Easy Seniors Club will let you dive into all the “yes” and “nos” related to each state.

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