NEWS: These 10 States Have The Highest Social Security Payouts

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Social Security offers monthly payouts to different groups of people. According to the Social Security Administration’s latest data, the average check in 2022 was $1,550.48. However, this amount can vary significantly depending on the type of recipient. In fact, retired people usually make more than the overall average.

While most people believe that Social Security is a program just for retirees, it’s actually meant to provide financial support for many other groups, including the spouses and minor kids of retirees, the disabled, as well as the spouses and minor kids of deceased workers.

There’s a strong chance you’ll rely on Social Security payouts to some degree during your golden years to make ends meet. National pollster Gallup recently released its annual survey that analyzes retirees’ and nonretirees’ reliance on Social Security, America’s most important social program.

In 2022, a total of 85% of nonretired seniors said they’ll lean on Social Security payouts as either a minor or major source of income during retirement. Meanwhile, about 89% of the current retirees surveyed depend in some way on the income they receive on a monthly basis from Social Security.

In other words, how much money you’ll receive monthly during your golden years matters. But the place where you live can matter, too.

Before getting into the basics of which US states provide the highest Social Security payouts, it’s important to understand how your monthly benefit is calculated. Read on to find out more!

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