Top 10 Best States for Women’s Retirement This Year

women's retirement
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Retirement evokes images of the good life—enjoying lunches with friends whenever you feel like it, sipping coffee on the veranda while watching the sunrise from your beach house, inviting neighbors over for a cocktail, or going to see a movie. But can you enjoy that veranda year-round? And where is that beach house exactly?

If you’re a working woman thinking about retiring to a nice place where you can truly enjoy your golden years, you may want to consider several things before relocating. Part of the retirement planning process may be choosing a state where you can afford a perfectly sized home, the weather meets your needs, and healthcare, recreational activities, and other costs are in harmony with your overall retirement budget.

Check below to see what states are the best places for women to retire!

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  1. In Pennsylvania one always looks to the East but forgets the lovely town of Erie! Maybe I should just keep quiet as it the best little secret around…

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