5 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Future Retiree


Retirement is a significant change in a person’s life, marking the transition from decades of work to a period of reflection

Retirement often means a new beginning. It represents a major life transformation, so it is completely normal to experience anxiety and stress.

Learning how to take things easy and just accept that aging can’t be stopped may take some time. Once you understand the blessing of having the chance to get old and experience a new chapter of a life’s journey, the idea of being a retiree becomes easier to admit.

In America, retirees face a lot of challenges and the hardest ones are probably these: the changes in their incomes, the costs of healthcare, and last but not least, the inappropriate questions coming from younger people. We did some research and found out some of the most offensive things you should NEVER say to a future retiree and we ALSO left a list of tricks that can make the transition to retirement feel smoother. Let’s start with the things you should avoid saying:

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1) What will you do next?

The thing about retirement is that many people aren’t sure what they’ll do once they stop working. Even if some people have a plan, they usually end up doing something completely different. Also, after hearing the question they may think that they are no longer worth it, and they’ll probably feel like they will never be able to do anything interesting again. For someone who has worked for decades, it is not easy to accept the concept of doing nothing. This kind of question usually comes from someone who defines people by their jobs, once you stop being a teacher, a writer, or a doctor, they wonder what you’ll become.

2) Won’t you be bored?

Retirement offers the chance to concentrate on hobbies. At their working ages, most people postpone their hobbies, since they have other situations that need to be kept under control. So, for some retirees, spending time at home and doing what they postponed for decades can be a dream come true, while for others sitting at home can be really-really boring. For the ones who have hobbies like painting, writing, and traveling, retirement is a fantastic time to focus on themselves and boost their creativity.

3) Will you start traveling?

Traveling is a way retirees can not only discover the world but also themselves. They are not tied to a job, so it is way easier for them to plan a holiday or a city break than it is for a person who is actively working.

Why can this question be inappropriate? Well, a lot of retirees are having serious financial problems and they need to save their money for their healthcare. Spending money on hobbies or travel doesn’t seem right when they have more serious problems they need to take care of.

4) Will you spend more time with your grandkids?

Every family is different. Some parents do not want the grandmother involved, while others are really excited about the idea of free babysitting. For some retirees taking care of their grandkids is the last thing they want to do. They often consider that they have done their part already and their job has been over since their kids became adults. Most retirees want to spend time taking care of themselves.

5) Do you have enough money to survive?

Americans should become more informed about the way they spend their money. For example, once they retire and keep in mind that they may need medical help anytime from now on. Getting older also means getting to experience different types of sicknesses, which is completely normal.  The only problem is the cost of healthcare which represents a huge challenge for Americans.

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Useful tricks for a future retiree

If you are going to retire soon, below you can find some ways you can prepare for the new stage of your life. In case you’re already a retiree, in this article you can find some tricks that we find really useful:

Organize your finances

Gradually reducing your spending will make it easier for you to adjust. Also, you should keep in mind that you should always be prepared financially for unexpected circumstances. As you grow older, the chances of getting sick are higher, so it is possible to see your doctor more often than you do now.

Make a list

Write down your goals and the things you are grateful for. Whenever you feel that your thoughts and emotions are getting out of control, read it and remind yourself how blessed you are. If your goal is to visit a new country, write down the country’s name. When your travel is over, come back to your paper, and don’t forget to remove the goal from your list. It is a satisfying activity that will help you stay positive and motivated.

Prepare for ups and downs

When you feel that you lose control of your emotions, try to speak to your friends and family about your feelings. Telling the people you love how you feel will have an immediate positive effect on your overall well-being.

Develop a routine

Having a routine will help you stay optimistic and inspired. Once you lose interest in trying new things and lose your enjoyment of simply being alive, it will be significantly harder to see the good things about retirement. Also, after decades of working and following a program, it can be really difficult to adjust to a new phase of your life when you just don’t have any plan to follow.

Stay active

Find a hobby and stay active as much as you can. It will be hard to get used to staying indoors and not having any plans. So, a new activity that you like can help you feel better and also, boost your productivity.

Painting has a lot of benefits for the mind and represents a great hobby for a retiree. I think that you should take into consideration trying it. Who knows? If you’re talented enough maybe you’ll open a small business.

It is a great way to relax and express your creativity, but it also challenges you and makes you push your limits. Also, let me tell you a secret! On Amazon, you can find one of the best painting sets for adults, which is also perfect for beginners. We recommend you try it and let us know about your experience in the comment section!

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For some people, retirement means having a great time for some rest, spending time with their family, and also traveling. In the past few years,  we often heard people saying that they can not wait to retire and spend their time discovering the world. We think that it is a great idea. To sum up, the article, what isn’t a great idea, is to talk to a future retiree without taking into consideration the transformation process that is taking place in their life.

While we’re talking about retirement, you can also read about the benefits of retiring in Florida. The weather, beaches, and theme parks are some of the reasons why you should take it into consideration. But don’t forget that if you want to retire in Florida, you should make some planning beforehand.

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