7 Cities Where You Can Pay Your Rent via Social Security Alone

Social Security
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5. Erie, Pennsylvania

As we go further with the cities on our list, you’ll notice that the amount you have to pay for rent starts to become cheaper and cheaper, so don’t go anywhere because you’ll like what you’ll find here.

Speaking of that, the median monthly rate for an apartment in Erie, Pennsylvania, is around $1,042, and when you take care of that for the month, you’ll have around $740 left, which is definitely a good amount to help you settle and enjoy everything that you want.

You could enjoy a relaxing walk around Lake Erie, take your special someone out for a museum date, and of course, go on a trip to Niagara Falls because it’s really close. There are many festivals in Erie, a lot of restaurants where the food is simply the best, and many stores where you could do a little bit of shopping and, of course, retail therapy.

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