7 Cities Where You Can Pay Your Rent via Social Security Alone

Social Security
Photo by Sean Pavone from shutterstock.com

4. Abilene, Texas

If you love sculptured storybook characters, you should definitely think about moving to Abilene, Texas. Rent is not expensive, and your Social Security check will take care of it for you without a problem.

This beautiful city is known as the “Official Storybook Capital of America,” and its downtown will amaze you with its 6 sculptures of Dr. Seuss characters. So if you decide to visit it or maybe even move to Abilene, don’t forget to take some pictures, because you’ll be surprised. Polaroid photos are amazing, and they’ll last forever, so if you want to hold your memories in your hands, check out this camera!

The monthly rent for an apartment in Abilene is less than $1,000, and when you pay it with the help of your Social Security check, you’ll actually have around $786 left in your pocket.

You’ll also adore the fact that food shopping is not as expensive as it is in other parts of the country, and the combination of modernity and history in the city will be the one that makes you happy each day. It’s not named the City of Culture, Cuisine, and Cowboys for nothing, right?

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