7 Cities Where You Can Pay Your Rent via Social Security Alone

Social Security
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1. Wichita, Kansas

We have Kansas again on this list, and this time it’s all about the city of Wichita! I’m pretty sure you’ll love living there because your Social Security check will take care of the rent for you, as it’s a bit under $966.

When you’re done paying for your lease, you’ll still have around $816 in your pocket, which means that you could enjoy your stay there as much as you want. Wichita is great for people who like to bike around the streets, and the thing people love the most is that they don’t have to worry about traffic because there are many designated bike lanes for extra safety.

It might not be a place as big or glamorous as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, or New York City, but if you’re a nature lover and also want to live somewhere where you don’t have to think about breaking the bank, that’s surely the place for you.

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