Social Security 2024: How Much Will They Lower Your Cost of Living?

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Good news: New government inflation data shows inflation is going down. According to official data, inflation continued to retreat in March as energy prices cooled from a year ago, when they began to increase due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

While experts point out that this is definitely a good thing, it’s still far from making all the prices go down. However, a fall in inflation could mean one thing, and that is a lower cost-of-living adjustment for Social Security beneficiaries next year.

According to the official US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, also known as CPI-U, went up 5% over the last 12 months and 0.1% in March.

Also, another measure used to calculate the cost-of-living adjustment, or COLA, for Social Security—CPI-W, or the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers—rose 4.5% from a year ago and 0.3% for the month prior to the seasonal adjustment.

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  1. I can only hope for continuing special help with SS as it is most impossible to meet all expenses as it is. I already know my apartment lease will increase $100/month very soon. And that will not affect the potential cost of living decrease. It only increases.

    1. I have to agree, every time we get a raise our rent increases too! This year after I recertification all that was left of the raise was $5. They took the rest in rent increase, sometimes I wonder who this benefits, because it sure isn’t the Seniors!

  2. Social Security seniors should get a raise every year. And if the government and or Senator and congress give themselves a raise the SSN seniors should get the same amount or no raises for government employees.

  3. All senior over 70 years should be raised up to 2500 a month. What us old timers get is a disgrace when we pay all of the pensions in Ukraine.

  4. They lower the COLA for American Citizens but the continue to give free money to support Ukraine and illegal aliens that keep pouring into this country! Totally unexceptional.

  5. Everyone in the government can give themselves a cost of living raise but all of the citizens and senior citizens that’s on fixed income hardly if ever get a cost of living increase. Just like they say it’s a fixed income meaning that it’s not going to increase and we being senior citizens that have paid into this system all of our working years are basically living in poverty.

  6. I am 75 years old and everything is going up, a can of soup $1.65, loaf of bread $3.59, gas $3.45 a gallon, and power bills averaging over $300 a month , there is nothing coming down as these idiots running the country don”t care its all a power thing, they have forgotten the average American. Older people should get Medicaid, and let the freeloaders get A JOB, their are GENARATIONS that have never worked a day in their life. DISGUSTED !!!!!

  7. Sam-

    Federal Govt. Employees usually get very meger raises. Example: If the cost of living goes up 4% in The USA, the Cost-Of-Living Adjustment for Federal Government Employees would be 2 1/2-3%. Some years-nothing
    even though there was a jump in inflation. People do not seek a federal job to “get rich.” Federal jobs are usually steady and if you do work-secure,

    Last year Federal workers got the largest raise in decades. This year despite high inflation-around 3%.

  8. I don’t know all the math but I know the price of every single item I buy has gone up way over 3.2% ($0.032 on $1) each. My Cola is -29 just for the main bills not all of them or groceries, gas, etc… Plus we need upkeep on our homes, cars or we won’t have them long. At least they got a decent raise and the president got his salary doubled.

  9. According to the official US Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers, also known as CPI-U, went up 5% over the last 12 months and 0.1% in March.

    Then why did the White House give us only 3% Cola?????????

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