7 States Where Retirees SHOULDN’T Buy a Home

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Life as a retiree can be hard. Where you choose to move shouldn’t be!

The decision to live somewhere new as a retiree is a big one, with many factors at play. And unfortunately, economic conditions have made owning a home difficult and costly.

Even if you do end up owning a home, insurance costs and property taxes might cause you to second-guess your purchase.

On top of that, the Federal Reserve Board seems to be on a path to raise interest rates even more, which would add a disadvantage in the form of higher payments. But there is still hope. You can make the most of your investment by buying in the right city.

There’s no doubt that pinning down the best and worst places in our country to buy a home is subjective. After all, we can look at factors like crime rate, affordability, and local attractions.

However, what we can’t measure is where you’ll be the happiest living and where you’ll feel most cared for and supported. It’s perfectly feasible to live in a paradise and be completely miserable without any family or friends. So we’ll leave that decision to you.

But where we CAN help is to help you stay informed about the 7 worst states a retiree can move to so you know which to avoid. Keep reading to get all the info!

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