8 States With the Worst Healthcare for Seniors

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Healthcare in retirement is one of the most vital factors to consider!

If there’s one part of retirement that tends to worry many Americans, it’s the need to cover the cost of their healthcare. After all, you can cut down on your food bills by clipping coupons and eating at home more. But healthcare is the one thing you don’t really have any control over.

You never know when you might fall ill, get hurt, or face an unexpected medical issue that’s more expensive than you would’ve thought.

And since skimping on healthcare isn’t advisable or an option in most cases, it’s no surprise that the idea of paying for it in retirement has so many people worried.

Given that medical care is one of those expenses all retirees will ultimately face, coupled with the fact that about 70% of seniors will end up needing some form of long-term care in their retirement, one thing is for sure: It’s worth retiring someplace where healthcare is affordable.

We’ve compiled a list of the worst-ranking states for senior healthcare. Here are 8 that stood out.

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2 Responses

  1. Unbelievable,People that have worked all there lives and paid there b dues,When they retire they should not have to worry about paying alot for health care ,they should be given it for free not a crappy plan ,a top rated plan all states should have the same plans for seniors
    The way the world is going today then American people don’t matter anymore

  2. Tennessee should be number 9. Unless,less you live in a big city. If you live in a small town patient have to wait 6-8 month to get an appointment with a specialist. I moved from another state to Tenn. was shocked to find such poor treatment in the Knoxville area. UT the only decent hospital for miles.

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