Planning to Retire in Florida? Here Are 10 Places to Avoid!

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Florida is the ideal place to retire for those seniors who want to make their dreams come true. However, like many other things, some of the most popular destinations might become your worst nightmare. In a very recent study, the personal finance website WalletHub discovered that some retirement locations are actually a nightmare for retired living, so they ranked them by affordability and quality of life.

WalletHub managed to compare 120 cities and towns in Florida, according to three different markers: quality of life, healthcare, and activities. So, are you curious to know which cities in Florida are the worst ones to live in?

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  1. You are obviously Rabid MAGA Morons. Biden has done wonderful things so far. More Democrates in office would help his agenda.

    1. Maybe you should do some homework before you speak. Trumps numbers were better than Bidens in every catagory

    2. I think we’ve had all the “help” from his agenda that we can stand. Get your head screwed on straight!

  2. I was born in Florida,and have two rental properties in Central Florida,both 40 feet above sea level. There are no pythons,never saw gators since not by a lake,nor palm rats. Thete may be a few native snakes,but yet to see one. No hurricane damage either. What a dreary,negative article!

  3. The whole country is turning into a war zone third world country!! Letting anyone in illegally and letting black women to bred with no fathers or multiple sperm donors!!! For government benefits! Then when they age out of benefits they are turned out to become thugs and thefts!! One baby is an accident second one is on purpose!!!

  4. You forgot the intangibles tax in Fla. You pay a tax on your investments. That can add up!

  5. This is so helpful! I realize now I am much better living in a State with High Crime, Drug and Human Trafficking, Drug Cartels, Mostly Peaceful Riots, Corruption throughout the Courts, and Education open only to consenting free speech.
    My top choices are clearly Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Seaboard. If it weren’t for the stabilizing benefits of Jihad and the as yet illusive Bombers in DC who as yet cannot be caught, DC wouldn’t be home.
    I have thought of Chicago because the death rate only seems to be a contrivance of the media, as Mayor Lightfoot really put her foot down on the corruption(windy) in the City.

  6. This study just proved how bogus it is by ranking the Villages 116th in activities. The Villages has more clubs and more activities per square mile than almost anywhere in the U.S.

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