Planning to Retire in Florida? Here Are 10 Places to Avoid!

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Florida is the ideal place to retire for those seniors who want to make their dreams come true. However, like many other things, some of the most popular destinations might become your worst nightmare. In a very recent study, the personal finance website WalletHub discovered that some retirement locations are actually a nightmare for retired living, so they ranked them by affordability and quality of life.

WalletHub managed to compare 120 cities and towns in Florida, according to three different markers: quality of life, healthcare, and activities. So, are you curious to know which cities in Florida are the worst ones to live in?

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    1. Maybe you should do some homework before you speak. Trumps numbers were better than Bidens in every catagory

        1. D E Jones – Wow, you are a teacher? So nice of you to criticize something so minor. Evidently you are a Biden follower, thereby criticizing a Republican for a typo. BTW, I will also respond to Janice McCarthy’s post. More Democrats in office “help Biden’s agenda”? OMG, what planet are you living on? In my 89 years of being a proud American, I am now ashamed of the leadership of this country. We are going down so far, so fast and it is a question if we can ever get this country to the great status it once was. The far left is destroying as each day passes. People, wake up before it is too late. I may not like Pres. Trump’s way of speaking but I sure do like what he did in his four years as President. We are spiraling down so fast in the eyes of other nations, they will no longer look up to us as the greatest nation on earth. God help us!

          1. I would care less if I read in the paper bastard Biden circled the drain. Bastard and Biden are both spelled starting with the letter “B”….

    2. I think we’ve had all the “help” from his agenda that we can stand. Get your head screwed on straight!

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  2. I was born in Florida,and have two rental properties in Central Florida,both 40 feet above sea level. There are no pythons,never saw gators since not by a lake,nor palm rats. Thete may be a few native snakes,but yet to see one. No hurricane damage either. What a dreary,negative article!

    1. You must be very sheltered and a city dweller who never goes to wooded areas nor rural areas.

      I was stationed in FL 8 years in the panhandle at two bases, and am a full time RVer who has spent 5 winters traveling around the state.

      I have seen dozens of snakes to include many venomous snakes, and seen at least a dozen alligators. No pythons though, and no palm rats.

      To live in FL all your life and not have seen these things shows you don’t travel in your own state and never venture out of cities and large suburbs.

  3. The whole country is turning into a war zone third world country!! Letting anyone in illegally and letting black women to bred with no fathers or multiple sperm donors!!! For government benefits! Then when they age out of benefits they are turned out to become thugs and thefts!! One baby is an accident second one is on purpose!!!

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      1. Meaningless comment unless you speak about the percentages. Should be approximately 10 times as many to make your point. Now, to deal with the real problem, let’s get some real programs to qualify and put our minority people on decent long term jobs? It is possible because I have done it. Takes a bit of work, and a ton of honest desire to make it happen. I am sure that many of the unemployed minorities would love to have a long term job with decent pay and benefits. NO, I did not say hire more of them, unless you are prepared to do what it takes to get them permanently employed. Hiring numbers mean nothing if you fire them after a few months.

  4. You forgot the intangibles tax in Fla. You pay a tax on your investments. That can add up!

  5. This is so helpful! I realize now I am much better living in a State with High Crime, Drug and Human Trafficking, Drug Cartels, Mostly Peaceful Riots, Corruption throughout the Courts, and Education open only to consenting free speech.
    My top choices are clearly Washington, Oregon, California, Michigan, Wisconsin, and the Eastern Seaboard. If it weren’t for the stabilizing benefits of Jihad and the as yet illusive Bombers in DC who as yet cannot be caught, DC wouldn’t be home.
    I have thought of Chicago because the death rate only seems to be a contrivance of the media, as Mayor Lightfoot really put her foot down on the corruption(windy) in the City.

  6. This study just proved how bogus it is by ranking the Villages 116th in activities. The Villages has more clubs and more activities per square mile than almost anywhere in the U.S.

  7. Biden is an embarrassment to himself and the country! So sad a person would waste his life like Biden and basically accomplish little to nothing for himself and country

  8. I disagree about Deltona; there is a wonderful walking/biking trail which many seniors enjoy every day, there are more shops etc being built every day as the housing developers continue accommodate the influx of people moving to the town. It is true there is not much in the way of entertainment but the nearby towns offer many great options. There is also a wonderful library and nature preserve which offers many free activities for all ages

  9. We shouldn’t be sending so much money over to Ukrain and Israel. Citizens in this country could use it more. There is no affordable housing anymore and people are hungry

  10. please listen to this article and heed….we don’t need any Northern people who believe all that was stated. Find another state…please

  11. Over half these towns are in the Tampa Bay area and don’t need additional hospitals in their communities. Also if they are retiring to FL, why is employment an issue? I guarantee there are many job openings all over FL.
    Not sure why other comments are political. The article I am responding to is 8 FL towns you shouldn’t retire to.

  12. My husband I moved to Florida in 2019 and shortly after the Pandemic hit and I was actually glad to be in Florida so I could at least walk around my neighborhood in Wellington. Yes we had a pond and we saw signs for alligator sighting and to be aware but I never saw one the whole year I lived there but did see some interesting birds and our complex backed up to a animal preserve. We then bought a condo in North Palm Beach near the intercostal and again we have been here 3 going on 4 years and have never seen an alligator. We live in a nice older condo community and we love our walks and sitting down at the harbor at the end of our block. We live not far from 2 beautiful beaches that we enjoy that always clean and well cared for. We have nice farmers markets in the fall and winter and we have free concerts and so many activities. There is employment for seniors if you want or need to work. Your article really gave Florida a bad retiree rap. I don’t know about the cities you mentioned except for the Villages which I have never really heard anything great about that city and would have no desire to live there.. Just don’t tell people not to move for the stupid reasons you stated.

  13. I moved to the east coast because it had a more thriving social scene, theatre, concerts, wonderful dining, etc. than Sanibel environs, which I always loved for vacation. Still, I ended in an HOA hell I had no idea about. After a lifetime of challenges and hard work, having a community plan to take care of the exterior home sounded great. Except they are filled with entitled people who want you to fund increased amenities prior to the services or excluding the full services. It’s a constant harangue and you weigh the pros and cons, deal with it or go through the ordeal of moving again in your senior years. The laws don’t protect you and it depends on your State Attorney if he is inclined to. It’s truly awful.

  14. I believe that all of this advice is to prevent moving to DE Santis state where normal can be found. I believe that you could be working for Democrate to block and hurt more economy. Florida right now seems like a place to go you guys want to stop this. At least the governor cares and has right values. Will kick illegals committing crime to the curve. Democrats don’t like that! They like destruction of cities! Are you for drug infested disgusting blue cities?

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