Most Destructive Financial Crashes in History

Image By Migren art From Shutterstock

As the coronavirus still continues its path of destruction across the globe, the physical and psychological toll on citizens from every country is clear for all to see. Although the virus can be contracted and spread by anyone regardless of location, race, class or financial status, one patient is struggling to fend off an equally destructive disease, the world economy.

As local and national authorities wrestle with whether to open up businesses or enforce more restrictions, the one symptom that spells disaster for any economy is uncertainty. The American dream has a tendency to turn nightmarish from time to time and just when we think everything is going just fine the economy gives us a rude awakening.

It’s certainly not the first time. People today still feel the cold shiver of the 2018 financial crash as a recent reminder of just how bad things can suddenly turn, but history is rife with unforeseen, unexpected and downright bizarre economic apocalypses. As the saying goes ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it’ and this list is a reminder that not all ages are golden.

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