15 Aldi Shopping Tips From Super Savers That You Have to Try

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Costco, Target, Walmart… all of these big players have undoubtedly grabbed your attention (and money) for decades. But what about Aldi? Chances are you’ve heard of the discount grocer, and with their plans of expanding with over 900 stores across the U.S. over the next three years, you’ll definitely get to enjoy their awesome prices a lot more often!

But before you plan on going down to your local Aldi to check it out, we’ve prepared 15 secrets that you need to be aware of! With this list, we’ll help you make the most out of your shopping trip.

Ready? Set… GO!

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  1. we love shopping at Aldi weve been going there for years, we tell our friends to check it out… save where u can

    1. Have encountered pallets and stocking activity many times while shopping at all times of the day.
      Take the stock off the pallets and line the cases up next to product shelves so that customers can pass through instead of leaving the pallets in the middle of the aisle with the hand truck.

      1. Obviously you don’t understand how Aldi works. I was a manager and store level trainer for over a decade, and the big savings come from a razor thin payroll. Stacking off pallets, then stacking on shelves would be the worst thing to be done. Double work, means much more payroll, and higher prices. Some inconvenience for the customer, but made up for in savings. Just enjoy the savings and quality. M.R.A.

    2. i alvays bin an ALDI shopper since ALDI CAME on the market, stardt at Packard ave in Cudahy wisconsin- Hiway 100 in grenfield Wisconsin; past 20 years at Golf Rd in Niles Ill, [resently at Ravine Way in Glenview ILL- ay laest 2 to more times aper weeks i am at aldi; good Prices good selection ALDI IS the best and i advise Many that , if others dont have it; AT ALDI THEY HAVE IT AND LESS EXPENSIVE’


    1. I go to Aldies once a week, prices are excellent, fresh veggies, fruits, milk and breads are always in my list. Cashiers are friendly and efficient. Good place to buy all you need plus the variety of foreign items they have to offer.

  2. I would like to know which oldies has bananas for $.24 or bread for $.83 or avocados for $.39 I have never seen any of those prices in my local Aldi stores

    1. The prices depend on market prices the Aldis can get it for (lately prices at other stores are out of site). Aldis is still the best deal!
      Also prices differ at Aldis depending on the neighborhood it is located in.

  3. I’m not happy with Aldi’s they don’t have things I need one example is
    lactaid fat free milk they carry 2petcent and whole . Also there are some common items they don’t carry therefore I have to go to two stores sometimes when shopping I would like to shop one place! Otherwise there are some interesting items.Also the red meat isn’t as good as Giant Eagle fat and grissle but the managers are very helpful well that’s my 2 cents

    1. Have you ever tried the Friendly Farms Almond milk? I usually buy the Almond Vanilla milk. It is not only lactose free, but it is low in calories and has more calcium benefits that we women need.

      Try it, you’ll like it…


      1. My husband uses the oat milk from Aldi. It is cheaper than Publix and he says it tastes better. He switched for health reasons but now prefers it.

    2. I go to 2 stores because I won’t pay $5- $7 for cereal @ my Winn-Dixie store. Aldi’s doesn’t carry a few things I get @ my favorite Winn-Dixie. So not to shop @ Aldi’s because of a few items they don’t carry that you like. I save quite a bit on paper goods, can goods, snacks, eggs, milk, breads, veggies, fruits. You do have to be careful with fresh food just like any other grocery store. I love Winn-Dixie it’s always been my only to go store for everything. They are a retail store and a huge overhead . Before all the stores got hit with having to pay higher costs for the food they are putting on their shelves that we have to pay if we want it. Or grow your own veggies. God Bless and be thankful for all you have because you may not find anything in the stores that anyone wants or likes. Thank Biden and the people who voted for him.

      1. I would like to know why you blame President Biden. No President has control over these costs, including gas. President Trump didn’t help by ignoring COVID while he was in office!

        1. Every president has their own policies. When those pixies cause a negative affect on the economy, it’s his fault. I was sure better off with Trump. Biden cancelled every single thing Trump did, good or bad & look where we are today!

        2. Biden has destroyed the country caused inflation which caused higher cost . Immigration. I hope you enjoy the higher costs of everything. Everything he touched has been a diaster. He was suppose to unite the country he has done the opposite.

        3. What about a 165 billion dollar war Biden put us in how much a month does the average American pay for that. Prices have to go up.

      2. Stop with the political blame. You can give your stimulus money that you received back so someone who actually needs it can benefit if he is so bad. Educate yourself.

        1. He caused all this with his disgusting management of our country that is now hated because of him.
          He pulled out of Afghanistan and left our soldiers and equipment there.
          He is totally incompetent.
          We were much better off 4 years ago.

      3. Aldi has great prices you’re not going to find everything that pleases you at any store if you are comparing items, just shop and keep it moving if you dont like Aldi why did you go …dont try to discourage others…It only ignorance that you blame our President for high prices…

      4. Sorry Sandra, but your last sentence makes no sense, and couldn’t be further from the truth. The White House, no matter who sits behind the desk has very little to do with the price and availability of your groceries. I find it’s best on a forum like this to just stick to the subject and let others determine how we may have arrived where we are.

    3. Different Aldi’s have diff items. My Aldi’s has whole milk, but not 2%. They have
      Soy & Almond Milk.

    1. Your president is an incoherent old man. His “build back better” plan is a pathetic failure, so yeah it’s his fault. You libtards better wake up. P.S. Civic has nothing to do with this economic disaster we’re in.

    1. Try them, I guarantee you will fall in love 😍. They may not have all the brand names – truth is you would never know some of the differences. There is always fresh vegetables & fruits, bread & dairy products. And you can not beat the friendly staff 🤗

      1. At my Aldi’s. The bananas aren’t very good and the green onions are terrible otherwise all is well. I have to go to Walmart for somethings that Aldi’s doesn’t have but in the end I always save money

    2. I have been shopping Aldi since the 1970 I was never happier than to see it came to America. They have some of the best prices you’ll find and there’s not much in there that I don’t like

  4. I used to buy a few items at Aldi but my regular groceries at a well know grocery store. That has now changed. Now I first buy regular groceries at Aldi and a few things at the “other” store

    1. Aldi is good, Lidl is better but I still need to supplement with ShopRite or Walmart cause they just don’t carry everything I need.

    2. That exactly how to do it. And I order online at the ‘other’ store ….easy peasy! I’ve shopped at Aldi since they opened over in the US.

  5. I would like to receive aldis news flyer I. The mail . I was getting it but it has stopped I don’t know why I miss it it helps me to get my grocery list together

  6. I shop there often. I just wished you had more of the German breads which are more dense.
    Prices are great, quality good.

    1. Aldi is German owned. That is why they import items you don’t see elsewhere. Many are seasonal here. I met the original owners back in the early 1980’s to 1990’s when they would cone for annual visits when they were just in IL and Iowa under 90 stores.

  7. I stop by Aldi’s at least once a month to stock up on items that are less expensive than other grocery stores, items that are unique to Aldi’s, and sale items.
    Many of Aldi’s products can’t be found anywhere else, and actually taste better than other brands!

  8. We’ve been shopping at Aldi’s for several years. Very happy with the quality of produce. Wish they carried parsley as well as cilantro. Wines are great. Breads are great. Love some of the specialty frozen items including ones from other countries.
    The checkout experience is amazingly fast, cashiers friendly. We haven’t found other employees to be friendly, however. They seem to be way too busy to interrupt with a question. If we don’t know where to find an item, they’ll point in the general direction and go back to their stacking.

    1. That’s partly because of lack of payroll and partly due to lack of understanding customer service. If you feel it’s bad enough you can contact corporate and file a complaint. Give store location and employee’s name. Appropriate action will be taken.

  9. We love Aldi’s prices and items. With today’s runaway inflation though, their prices are higher than what’s mentioned in this article from 2021, they are still the least expensive option in town!


  11. I learned about Aldi’s years ago living in Germany. When I saw the store here in Miami I was
    elated. I shop there often, prices are in line with my budget and the products are just as
    good as the major supermarkets. I’ll be an Aldi’s customer as long as there is an Aldi’s store.
    When I’m in Atlanta the store is the greatest..!!

  12. Joined the club, but have no phone, why don’t you give us cards like shop rite Ollie’s and many other stores.

  13. Wow; Went to the new store in Laporte,In. on Friday at 1:00p.m. and what a sham! At least 200 people in there and only 2 check-out with lines of 20 or more shoppers and the 4 self check registers wold not work right and a hour spent there I walked out with NOTHING pissed! Put a bad taste in my mouth for Aldi Hire some check out people please!!!!

    1. Try going on off hours and avoid the days when people get their checks. Aldis does not hire “cashiers” per say, everyone does everything. Our store is funny, one minute there’s 8 people lined up and 10 mins later there’s no one. Cool that the new store has self checkouts, ours (Anderson, In) doesn’t and we were just re-modeled a few years ago. If you live close by, you may want to check out the shop at home service. I believe they waive the delivery fee on your first purchase. Prices are slightly higher than in-store but still cheaper than shopping elsewhere. So, do be so quick to give up on them.

  14. Unfortunately, there are no Aldis in the greater Portland OR area. Would love to shop there! When will we be getting Aldis’ here?

  15. I have shopped at Aldi ever since they came to Hendersonville Tenn. 20 years+, Love their store, love their quality and prices. If you haven’t shopper there you don’t know what you are missing.

  16. Love shopping at Aldi. Fresh veggies and fruit are always fresh and a lot cheeper. Alo g with dairy items. Could go on try it you will like it

  17. I “love” shopping at Aldi. My first experience was when I was on vacation in Missouri. The prices are great and the selections are wonderful. Now I live in Missouri and share my tremendous experiences with everyone I know.

    Keep up the good work Aldi!

    Your Missouri friend.

    1. Trader Joe’s is upgraded and owned by ALDI. The reason is not to alert completion. Others store often “secret shop” Aldi. But Aldi doesn’t waste and money doing that.

  18. I find myself running in often, as it’s more convenient than the larger stores!
    The prices are quite competitive, and I just go to other stores for the things y’all don’t have. I have found the Indian simmering sauces delicious, and only at Aldi’s.

  19. LOVE ALDI’s.
    Two of us spend total of $100. every two weeks for almost all of our groceries. We live almost 50 miles to the nearest store but it is where we shop. Otherwise we spend at least twice that amount if we actually get what we need at our local grocery store. We do not eat a lot of meat but we do buy some, that also keeps the price down.

  20. No,I don’t like to bag my own groceries. I take my bags to the stores and they put my items in it. Some stores pay me for bringing my own bags. I use coupons and sometimes I get the items just by paying the taxes

  21. I love Aldi and shopped there often but got tired of the trip to where I had to go, I tried numerous times to get them to put one in or near our town, I have no idea of the people that I know that also tried. I know they would do good in out town but they never made any effort to bring a store here. I finally stopped going because of the distance and mostly the traffic I had to fight to get there. I do love your store.

  22. I’ve shopped at Aldi’s for many years and the items and prices are unbeatable. I like some of the German brands they carry such as coffee and different mustards. Their house brands is just as good as the name brand and a much lower price. Yes, there are certain items that are not available but that’s few and far between. In all the Aldi’s I’ve shopped at the staff are helpful and very hard working. I may sound like an Aldi employee but I’m not. I’m just a very satisfied customer. The one suggestion I would have is not to place the produce section at the entrance to the front door. At times it clogs up the area with customers who are shopping for fruits and vegetables and it’s difficult to get through.

  23. Love my local Aldi(Newark, DE)
    I go at least once a week. Prices are great. AOS is always a treat.
    I have tried many items that are discussed on the Aldi site.
    Keep up the good work.
    Only bad comment is usually only 1 cashier open and 6 self check out.

  24. I love shopping at Aldi. I always check my email what are on sale in this store. Quality wise and very affordable prices.

  25. Every time I get the salmon is bad the smell I have to put in the garbage and usually paid more than twenty dollars

    1. I buy salmon all the time and have never had any that is bad. Never thrown any out. Love the seasoned salmon. Love Aldi.

  26. I shop Aldi 3 or 4 times a month. I usually shop the Algonquin, Il store and the employees are excellent and they respond to backups quickly. I shopped the neighboring Crystal Lake store and they only had one register open and had several self check out registers. I guess they figured people bag their own grocery let them check it out. I hate that system and I just walked out and left the cart full of grocery and went to Jewels. The price difference isn’t that great anyway. If stores want me to cashier they better pay me.

  27. I do shop Aldi because I am 83yrs. young and of course on fixed income. i love the imported cheeses. Cat food \-wet ones. Oh, the chocolates are the best and the cheapest. produce is great. That is just the few items that I mentioned.

  28. Good to know all of these tips!
    I love Aldi’s….my sweet father
    made me aware and they finally came to Sarasota….

  29. Been shopping at ALDI for 15+ years, so many favorites, don’t know where to begin. 30oz Cashews are close to $13 whereas same size at Target is closer to $17. Love the fruits & veggies although the bananas are a little beat up most the time. Love the calzones, macaroni salad & condiments! Nice variety of mustards & pickles and mayonaise is cheap, american cheese (deluxe) is a bargain too. Granola bars are always on my list instant oatmeal as is the Indulgent Greek yougart. The Bavarian style sauerkraut & red cabbage are top notch. Iced coffee (Mocha) is $2 cheaper than at Target too. So-so with the meats, seems like i always find bone chips in the ground beef, but I like the vacuum sealed fish. Milk & eggs are good. I got a smoker 3 yrs ago on special for $42 (comparable to a masterbuilt @ $125) Outdoor furniture cushions are a steal. And oh yeah, can’t forget the beer! White Tide is my favorite. I only shop once or twice a month and average $75-$100 and that’s probably 80% of my groceries.

  30. I love Aldi. I wish there was one closer to my house. First, I want to commend your employees. Very cordial, helpful. Your produce is great, at a fraction of the price at big chain stores. I also buy your grass fed, no anti biotics etc meats. I wish you carried those seasonal specials items year round! BUT most of all the selection, variety of gluten free items is the best, and reasonably priced, easy to find. I also like the international selections. Aldi is never boring!

  31. love aldis.. however i have found 2 out of 3 times im being charged for mor than i bought. please dont teach cashiers to ring to fast that they are in accurate. Aldi does make it right after going home finding misstakes and coming back to store(quite an in convenience) They must make out very good as i suspect most people dont check slip…

  32. I love Aldi’s! We need one in San Antonio, Tx! I shop at an Aldi’s store whenever I’m in a town that has one ! Love their Gluten Free products! There are many to choose from!

  33. I live in Georgia and I would shop at Aldi a lot more if it were closer. Right now it is on the other side of town and in a very congested area. I have shopped at Aldi when I am in that area which is hardly ever. Try considering a closer location in the Dalton area maybe between Dalton and the Rocky Face. I know several people who would shop at Aldi if the store were closer.

  34. I love shopping at Aldi, but unfortunately the closest Aldi is an hour and a half drive away. I can’t drive highways anymore and I am dependable on other people to drive that long of a drive. I am in San Antonio and a group of German people has been asking for Aldi to bring it to our town, but no luck.

  35. I am a regular Aldi shopper and go every other week. I have my favorites and will try new items as I see them. I started going as soon as you opened the New Milford, CT store and have been a regular every since

  36. We love ALDI. We buy cheese, wine, chocolates, crackers dinners etc.
    Sadly our Aldi is small and doesn’t have much. We travel to another town.

  37. My Absolute favorite store with the best prices!!
    Some times certain products are absent and then it takes forever
    for it to come in! I waited 2 months for the regular size peeanut butter
    (Which is better than a couple “name” brands!)
    Still my go to store !

  38. We like Aldi’s and shop regularly! With prices continuing to rise, thanks to the destruction of our Country by liberal waffling democrats against our Freedoms, Republic and Capitalism. The very foundation on which this Great Country was formed!
    GOD Bless America and the Founder’s of Aldi’ from days past to the very present!

    We are so happy to see you succeed!

    S. Streeter

    1. I love Aldis. I wish they had NO SUGAR or SUGAR FREE jello- sometimes they have it but it usually is not there or gone. Aldis has had supply issues because of Covid but it is my go to store- I always go there first before other stores.

  39. I was told in 2021 Aldi Potato Salad was seasonal, all other Grocery Stores carry Potato Salad year around, why not Aldi ?

  40. I love Aldi’s. Having lived overseas, it’s fun to see some of the products on their shelves I first found overseas. Yes, their customer service is very good. I enjoy their kindness & their sense of humor when I share it’s my Leprechaun that made me miss the product location!!! Thanks Aldi for giving us quality products at the best prices u can offer in this inflationary period. Many of us are prepping our pantries a bit more than we used to. Nice to be able to get products w best buy dates a couple of years out. Thanks for doing ur best despite supply issues.

  41. I have shopped at Aldi’s a few times. After reading your 10 things to know, I will try again. I have purchased the meat and had very good luck with pricing and quality. I also tried a few Aldi brands. I liked some and did not like others. I plan to try your suggestions and see if I do better.

  42. I live in Norhtern CA above Sacramento. I’ve never heard of an Aldi store. Where would one be close to me?
    M. Jones

  43. I found everything interest, except your last note—-#15-Their Customer Service is Truly Unmatched
    I have shopped here a handful of times AND EVERY SINGLE VISIT has been the same treatment from the cashier
    ~They scan your purchases, drop it in a cart and pretty much “hurry up and go” …onto the next customer. Seriously? Is there a time limit a cashier is allowed to ring up a customer, or is the customer only given 30 seconds to get their items and jump over to the counter to bag their items?
    It is THE RUDEST impression you leave a customer with—now mind you, the employees on the floor are friendly, but your cashiers could use a lesson in “customer service”

    1. Agree way to fast. I just unload and try to ignore any pressure it creates. Next customer can ” tap their feet” and I will just ignore rudeness. Seldom happens but has. I’ve had my blueberries end up opened & all over floor due to cashier rushing. Tells me to come back in store and get another 1!! Not happening I have busy schedule also. Enjoy everything else about store. #MI

  44. Please tell me you are going to bring Aldi’s to Tucson Arizona! I have shopped in your stores back east and I really like them. I have been waiting for years for you to come west young men, come west!

  45. I hope you will be opening a store, preferably on the west side of Albuquerque, NM, soon. Your store sounds great and I would love to buy your products. The produce and organic goods sound most promising to me.

  46. Aldi’s is one of our favorite shopping stores. We make a visit there at least 3 times a week. Love their Winking Owl Shiraz but also love all of Blinking Owl wines. Love their cheese selection, peanut butter cookies, imported German canned soup. One thing we cannot find any more is their Deutch…. hot dogs which I truly love. Our store carries the Bratwurst and Knockwurst but not the hot dogs. Sure wish all Aldi’s would keep them stocked. We love shopping at Aldi’s especially for the German products. Please bring back the German hot dogs. I am not referring to the Hoffman brand because we are not able to find the Deutch….. brand. Thank you for your consideration to my request.

  47. Aldi makes a frozen potato soup (Bistro brand) that is out of this world! Sooooooo good. Problem is that they seldom have it. I wish they’d stock it regularly. Also wish they’d offer larger packages, i.e, four or 6 packs.

  48. Would love to see Aldi store located in Hammond La. Only place that we have to shop at low costs, is Walmart which I refuse to go to because of various reasons.

  49. I am always telling people about Aldies – Great and discount pricing ! We need them because of such high pricing at all other store and the way our government is now – We have to watch how we spend our money !

  50. Aldi was cheaper before Covid but not anymore , and obviously they are having problems getting product since many name brand items are on the shelves where Aldi brand product was. Prices are about the same as other stores since they are name brands in many cases and Aldi brands have gone up significantly.

  51. I just started shopping at Aldi.s, My friends kept talking about how great the prices are. I shopped at the same market for years. Probably I decided to try it. What a surprise, the prices were so much lower. The produce section is really good. Fresh vegetables and everything lower. My milk was a dollar cheaper. I was very impressed. Aldi now is my number one store. Good article. I love your danish pastry in the frozen section. Thank you

  52. I have only good things to say about Aldi. Everything I read is true including the pleasant employees. Glad to know about Wednesdays. I also will share that all advertized prices are the same across the board and other prices may reflect grocery stores that are in the area to that particular Aldi.
    It appears that Aldi is doing their best to kepp prices down during these times of price hikes.

  53. Not all the stores have customer friendly manager and staff. They are not visible in stores and always in rush, act like they are over work. Price, cleanliness and quality of product good. I do visit ALDI may be about 4 times a year. First time I ever got this email. Thanks

  54. This story is one year old. Prices are not correct. And further more you ad that states Biden is going to open SS for immigrants is bullshit! STOP the lies!

  55. How bout importing German Brötchen. This would be a big seller! They now stock many types in vacuum packaging in the bread section of stores like Edeka send one of your buyer reps to check it out!! The Kürbis (pumpkin) seed Brötchen are a hot seller but their are many others but I’ve may this suggestion to Aldi with no results. You need to send some scouts to Lidl, at least the have some real German bread and rolls to select from, leaves your department a sad and distant loser, sorry to be so blunt but politeness is ineffective when making suggestions to ALDI

  56. I love Aldi cheese and the shrink wrap roast meals they are so good and as a senior I can afford to splurge. Their paper goods are great. I love all the German goods.

  57. I haven’t shopped at Aldi yet but I am planning on trying it out once the Aldi at the Liberty tree Mall opens up very soon. I like to try out new store’s to see how there prices are and compare them to the store that I already shop at. Wish me luck I do hope that I become a Aldi shopper.

  58. Have only shopped there once and was surprised at all the deals. Not sure about the no bag available, bring your own. Also leaving a 25 cent deposit allows you to not hire somebody to collect carts making a much cleaner look in the lot.

  59. I haven’t been shopping at our Aldi store in my town. I had too many problems with Aldi .The checkers will throw the groceries into the basket. When I said something about it, I hear , they say, “if anything is broken or dented, just bring them back and get a replacement. I don’t want to take stuff back, I just want them to use more care. I got a dozen eggs. I looked thru several dozens before I found one with no cracked eggs in it. Got home with my groceries and I had 4 broken eggs!! The “savings” are not remarkable. The poor people that work there look so unhappy. It must be an awful place to work. “

  60. I love Aldi they have the best chocolate cake and the best apple pies of anyone I stay away from their lunch meat as they are expensive in the long run and not that great their meat is hit or miss but I can find stuff there that I can’t find at other places like the fried ravioli the breakfast bowls are very good price the ice cream cooler is usually two freezer burned to shop from but they’re definitely my go to place first

  61. I love to shop at Aldi’s. They really have cheaper prices and good quality products. I love the different stuff that you get in for gifts. A namebrand doesn’t mean anything to me it is cost savings and quality and I don’t see any difference in all these products and name brand products except for The price

  62. they enlarged and redid our Aldi’s it was good before but the best now and your hint to shop on Wed is right on, got some great meat deals

  63. Yes I have Shop at this
    Store Before and I
    Noticed that they
    Don’t carry alot of our
    Name Brand products
    That I buy and I like
    Some of the things
    That they Sell and it’s
    A good Place to Shop
    Ms.Irene S.

  64. i would like to know how to get something id like sent to a store so i can buy it, i really would like to have one of the leg exercise pedal like the cubi, my hubby sick and needs to move his legs this is from a dr. i have ask several times if they could get me one , no response and this was at a store in ada ok is this possible to get

  65. We enjoy the silver and red can of energy drink and the supply is not kept stocked at our Yorkville, Illinois store. The only cans left are the blue and green cans which no one seems to like. This has been going on for as long as I can remember. Why not stock what the customers want?

    1. Hot Springs Viillage has a population of 15861 and NO LARGE chain supermarket. ALDI would be a most loved and welcomed addition to this growing gated community of seniors.

  66. I shop at Aldi whenever I can. The closest store to me is 50 miles away, so I hope their expansion plan includes a store much closer to me.

  67. I was so disappointed when I heard a new store was not coming to the Beaumont.Texas area. The closet Aldi’s is in Houston too far to drive at my age .Wish the company would reconsider a new store in this area.

  68. I would love to shop Aldi, but I can’t because I can’t walk it. If they had an electric cart here in Burlington WI so many more people could shop!! We would be willing to pay to rent one. The last time, years ago now, I was inside and almost fell down. I had to leave the store without my things.

  69. Aldi always offers the best prices on fresh produce. It is attractively displayed andthe older produce is routated out, if remaining. They offer bot organic and non organic.

  70. I have shopped many store locations and found Aldis refund policy to be customer-friendly and hassel free

  71. i love Aldi, I shop there as frequently as possible. I live a hour away from all 3 aldi<s in my area.
    every time I am in Bennington, Rutland Vt.,I stop in, I also am 1 hour from Keene NH.
    all there stores are wonderful . thanks for being in New England.
    Jo-Ann & Walt King

  72. The Aldi I go to is in Mechanicsville VA. This location nor other close by locations in Richmond Virginia we’re listed in your drop down locations.

  73. Great article, thank you. I am a recent Aldi’s convert. I wouldn’t have been caught dead shopping there before because, well after all, I am a snob. But I found out just how good the Aldi products really are and I found a newly discovered joy in saving money!

  74. I love Aldis. Prices are good compare to some supermarkets. It’s close to my home and easy for me to get there. I love the Ravioli and there rice pudding
    Is delicious. The eggs are reasonable .The water is good especially there large bottles. Talking to my friends about this store and we exchange different products that we tried.

    Thank you 💕 ALDIS!!

  76. I usually hit Aldi first before shopping at Walmart for things I couldn’t find there. Some of their “seasonal” foods, like cranberry sauce, doesn’t make sense to me, because we eat chicken year round, but that’s a small inconvenience compared to all the other great price deals.

  77. I’m not embarrassed to say this. My butt was itching from every toilet paper there is in America! Aldi has the best toilet paper ever, I guess there is no chemical treatment, just like in Europe. Thank you Aldi! 😊

  78. Why doesn’t Aldi’s offer sugar free items? They sell Jam,s & Jellies, but none are sugar free. You offer Gluten free products..what about all the Diabetics??

  79. My family & I relish Aldi’s wide selection of products & relatively fair and reasonable prices too!

  80. I shop Aldi’s in Sand Springs OK. I go Sundays after church to make all my produce and most of my meat purchases.
    I have been shopping Aldi’s for years because of the prices & quality. I love the selection of bread. My favorite Is
    Seedtastic. I also like sourdough and garlic bread. I have shopped Aldi’s for years and often tell my friends about my Aldi’s shopping experience.

  81. I will not subscribe to an app in order to get coupons….I do not like apps! Let me just have a website like Kroger!

  82. You may have the best prices on produce BUT it is old and stale, two trips to this store was enough for me for the old messy and stale produce and expired items that you were trying to pass off.

  83. My husband and I have been shopping at Aldi for approximately 5+ years here in Florida (this is our main store) and about five years (only part-time) before this in upstate New York. A very close friend used to cook and then after we ate she would tell us where she purchased the food. She was an outstanding cook.

    When we first moved to Florida she would call me to remind me where to shop and what food to buy. I think about her every time I shop there (weekly).

    Thank you for the best store that not everyone knows about, yet!

  84. I once was a loyal Customer but, unfortunately ,we no longer get the Aldi weekly advertisements published in our local paper. The online notices are not as convenient for planning our shopping trips,so we usually go to a different store .

  85. I will not shop there. I can not stand not buying local produce and non brand names. I do not see the savings. I have been several times and the savings are not worth it to go there.

  86. Aldi’s is great. The cheese section and special lower prices for all itens are the best. We find selections there we can find no where else. .

  87. Aldi’s is my favorite shopping store. In fact, I just came from there. You can’t beat the prices anywhere.

  88. I love shopping at Aldi’s. I am now handicapped and need a powered cart when I do go the Van Buren, ar store has one. If it isn’t available, I have to turn around and go home, disappointed. The one time I was fortunate enough to get the cart, it ran out of power shortly after I started riding it, When I inquired about it, I was told with a giggle, “I guess someone forgot to plug it in last night.” Also, I have recommended your store to several people who now consider Aldi’s their “go to” store.

  89. I love Aldi’s. Shoped there all the time.
    Used to receive a flyer in the weekly mail but no longer do???
    As a senior citizen it made it easier for me to decided what I needed prior to going to the store. Really miss it and therefore don’t shop there as often anymore.

  90. Why has Aldi stopped carrying the Livegfree line for pizza? And other products! They used to have so much Livegfree items and now there’s hardly any within Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island, NY. In May they come out with some Livegfree items for celiac month but why aren’t they all year?? That’s why many friends I have who have to be gluten free stopped shopping at Aldi..they took away all those good Livegfree items!

  91. I have been shopping here a year. My friends told me what good savings they have. I refused to go, twenty five cents to get a cart, bag your groceries who ever heard of such a thing. Finally I gave up to see for myself these savings. WOW! I was surprised. I use to spend eighty dollars a week at Publix for just myself. My grocery bill was cut in half. I love your cheese department and the delicious frozen apple turnovers ( whatever they are) delicious. Keep up the low prices and good work. An AIDI shopper…Nancy

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