SENIORS ONLY: 8 Things Only You Can Get for Free This Year

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Seniors face a lot of difficulties, especially during 2023 when this inflation is going nuts. However, among all these bad news stories about prices and taxes because the season is approaching soon, there are some benefits to being a retiree in America!

If I managed to make you curious and you are eager to find out more about this subject, keep reading because in today’s article we’ve rounded up some amazing tips to make your life more enjoyable.

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  1. I’m past 80, and would love to find a good French language course for beginner and intermediate levels, in the Kissimmee Florida area.

  2. Last September I told my primary care doc I was considering returning to college (Iwas 62) and he thought it was a bad idea because I am too old & it would be useless. That really made me feel bad.

    1. FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR, THIS ONE IS TOO RUDE! i HAVE FIRED AT LEAST 4 DOCTORS HERE IN NAPLES FL (that does not included those I just never went back.) Its your body, you are the client, the doctor is the service you pay for however you pay for it.

    2. Find a new Doc! You’re never to old. It’s never a bad idea. Also look into strength training. It’s important and many will also tell you it’s a bad idea. They’re wrong.

    3. This is my first visit on here, today and I just happened to see your statement. Sounds like you are visiting an in-considered, individual, Donna. I can imagine how awful that made you feel. I hope you followed your dream and returned to college, doesn’t matter what he thinks! For those in our age category, we must do that which is progressive for us. Age 62, etc., is as good of an age as any to return to college. I returned at age 60, on a part-time basis, received my Associates, and later, I returned to university and received my BS. I am very proud of myself, as are my family and friends. Never let anyone dull your shine with negative, uncalled for ignorance. Blessings

    4. It’s never too late to go back to school. Don’t listen to your doctor. He is not your friend. Most doctors only want your money and they have no time to listen to your dreams or your thoughts of improving your own life. No matter what your age is. I am 73 and always looking for something to learn.

      Listen to your heart and go for it.

    5. Why would you even ask your doctor? If it is something you want to finish then it doesn’t matter if you are old. I remember returning to college in my late 20’s. One semester I encountered an elderly gentleman several days a week. I finally ask him why he was going to college at his age. He told me it was something he had always wanted to do. Changed my way of thinking! So, if you want to go – just GO!

    6. You are NEVER too old to get educated in anything you desire to learn. And it also keeps the brain healthy and active. That doctor’s credentials should be called into question. If you have the funds to pursue an existing, go for it! And there are some online colleges that offer discounts to seniors desiring to go back to pursue an Associates or Bachelor degree if that is what you are considering. And even local community colleges offer courses for senior citizens looking to take courses. Have at it and good luck!

    7. Go for it there is no age limit on school, Wishing you the very best when you go back.Follow your heart ❤️

    8. Holy crap that guys an idiot get another primary. One of the best things for us of age is to exercise the mind!!! as well as the body. It’s a proven fact that using the mind especially learning foreign languages increases memory. I’ve found that learning things out of my comfort zone really wakes up the mind!!!! Kind of like foreign languages is usually out of our comfort zone.

  3. Now I understand why a colonoscopy is required every 3 years. I thought it was for my own personal health reasons. You explain things more clearly. Thank you.

  4. I am interested in a nurse practitioner degree. I have a Master’s of Science degree. Some of this work should be credited to the NP. I am looking at the on-line program through Chamberlin University but open to other universities. Please send me any information you have available.
    Thank you

  5. One pays in tbe end when they hive their money to AARP. They use the money to fund programs I don’t agree with so NO THANKS

  6. I will have to check out the websites for free foods and also the Kohls clothing. I need some new threads very much. Thank you for sharing this. Donna Stagg

  7. “No AARP” for me they are run by the Liberals and support the DemocRATic party !!! God knows what other CRAP their money backs.

  8. Illegal imagrant should not be allowed to vote.
    those debit cards and use it to provide supplies to help protect and close the boarder.

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