7 Purchases Seniors Wish They Made BEFORE Retirement

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#3 America the Beautiful Annual Pass

If you’re anything like most American retirees, you plan to make the most of your early retirement years and go traveling all across the nation. After all, our country is absolutely beautiful, and it would be a sad thing to miss all the wonderful sights around the U.S., especially the natural parks. This is why you should look into visiting those parks while also not breaking the bank when you travel, and one way to ensure that is to purchase an America the Beautiful annual pass!

This purchase is going to cost you around $80 if you choose to buy it through the National Park Service, and it is going to allow you access to more than 2,000 areas managed by five different federal agencies, so you will definitely have a ton of places to visit if you choose to get it.

It is a great purchase because not only will you get access to all of those for the whole year, but you will also be able to visit together with your partner as each pass can have up to two people registered to use it. So if you think about it, it’s just $40 per person to gain access to natural parks!

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