5 Best Places to Retire With Less Than $100 per Day

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Finally, the time has come. You are a retiree, and you are ready to start living your golden years. But for many of us, there might be a little problem here. Even if you’d like to make the most of your retirement years, there are some obstacles that might stop you from achieving this.

Most retirees from the US don’t live that dream life where they go to three exotic destinations per year and have a vacation house somewhere in the mountains or on the beach.

Even if you don’t have an enormous budget, you can still live in a beautiful place. The United States has a multitude of cities and towns that are perfect for retirees who want to live with only $100 per day.

These locations offer a reduced cost of living, which means you’ll spend less money on basics like food, transportation, housing, and health care. If you have a budget that is less than $36,500 per year, consider retiring to the following places. Continue reading to learn all about them.

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