Top 10 US Towns With The Highest Life Expectancy

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According to a recent analysis, where you live has a great impact on how long you live. After going down for several years, life expectancy in the US is starting to level off. For instance, an American born in 2020 will live an average of 79.1 years, but this can vary from place to place across the country.

Surprisingly or not, it seems that most rural areas have a lower life expectancy than ten years ago. Yet, life expectancy tends to be relatively high in urban areas, where people have better access to high-paying jobs and health care. Truth be told, in many cities, people can expect to live around 80 years on average.

This isn’t the first time studies have linked the location with longevity. Researchers at Stanford and MIT have previously discovered that relocating to parts of Florida and the Northeast, California even after age 65 could increase people’s remaining life expectancy by up to 5%.

Here are the top 10 US towns with the highest life expectancy!

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