Can’t Live on Social Security Alone? Claim These 5 Alternative Incomes NOW

alternative income
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Consider downsizing!

Maybe relocating is not for you, and you would not like to leave the place in which you have lived a great portion of your life just to be able to have some extra alternative income. Do not worry, because there are other alternatives for you when it comes to where you live, and that comes in the form of downsizing your home.

It may seem sudden, but think about it this way: if you had a big family when your kids were still living with you but now it is just you and your spouse or just you, it would make no sense to have to pay utilities for a huge house. For example, a 3,000-square-foot home may have been ideal when you first bought it, but now it may just be wasted space and, by extension, money.

If you would downsize to a smaller home of 1,000 or even 800 square feet, you would not only end up keeping thousands in the difference between selling the old house and buying the new one, but you could also end up generating alternative income if you are smart when it comes to investing the difference or just how you manage your money monthly.

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