5 Places Retirees Can Rent Apartments for a Bargain

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Are you wondering what are the best cities where you can rent apartments in retirement?

It may seem like a bad idea to leave your state only to relocate somewhere else where you will have to rent your home, but when you put it into perspective, it may just be the best choice for seniors and retirees. Think about it like this: You can sell your home and use the funds to bulk up your retirement savings, then move somewhere where the cost of living is lower and you can have a more comfortable retirement. And if you were already renting in your current home state, then there are even more reasons to want to relocate somewhere where rent is not going to be so high!

Sometimes it may be harder to relocate, but it is worth it if you can be more comfortable in a more affordable place. And while scouting for the perfect town can sometimes be extremely stressful, we decided to make your life easier. Here are our top locations for retirees who want to have the best of both worlds and not spend a fortune on rent!

Spoiler alert!  Rent will not even reach $900 in these locations!

Which one of these cities made you the most curious? Tell us in the comments!

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