12 Things You Can’t Deduct From Your Taxes

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How much do you know about the things you can deduct from your taxes?

If you want to pay less for your taxes, you can take all the deductions you’re eligible for. This will either increase your refund or reduce your tax liability. That’s really good news if you want to keep as much of your hard-earned money as you can, but there’s a downside to it as well.

There are quite a few restrictions on what you are able to deduct. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 caused a major change in the United States tax structure. This new rule will affect all income tax returns filed between 2018 and 2025, which is when each part of the Act is set to end.

We wanted to give you all the info you need, so we talked to a few experts to find out more about this topic. Check out these 12 costs that you can’t write off on your taxes.

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30 Responses

    1. Trump didn’t sell INFLUENCE to communist China lie the Biden Organized Crime Family. If our FBI wasn’t so CORRUPT they’d let us know after having the laptop for 3 years that the criminality shown on it is REAL.

    2. What did Trump do???? If elected, like he should have been, and really was, he had a tax cut for the middle class all in the works. We also would not be in the trouble we are in now that we never will get out of. Get some smarts. You have no facts just rumors and lies.

      1. You will see facts( hard vetted proven evidence live on TV … Then will you maybe consider it?? I’m serious! Or will you say that everybody’s corrupt like he does with your Pockrus? He lies in the fact that he is corrupt.!

      2. The tax cut is nothing more than taking less out of your paycheck in taxes so you could spend more money, enriching the wealthy further. Your taxes due at the end of the year we’re still the same 87% of taxpayers received a lower return than usual, or had to pay more by April 15. As a narcissist, trump is incapable of doing anything that doesn’t benefit him.

      3. What tax cut for the middle class? The tax cut he did pass while in office was not for the middle class. How do you reconcile that he did pass one for the wealthy but not for the middle class? Oh right, tax cuts for regular people are handouts! Nevermind.

    3. Doesn’t say much about self employed people. I always keep receipts and take off clearly business related expenses. As for biden or trump, biden is clearly the worst with his exec orders, worthless cabinet, and dumping illegal immigrants on American tax payers!

    4. No, the Democrats controlled Congress and they did it! Even though it was Trump’s first year as President. They didn’t work with the president on anything.

    5. Trump is cunning and shrewd, but since he has been a con man all his life, couldn’t use that to positively impact his running of the country. He set those deductions to run out in the term of whoever beat him in the election so that people would think he did something good for them and that his successor took it away. If he won, he could just extend it like nothing happened without regard for the impact the cuts have on the national economy.

  1. Just more ways to rip off taxpayers. Whatever did we do before someone thought up this way to make revenue? How about a super simple tax that is equal for everyone and gets rid of tax lawyers, and a lot of the IRS? Make it a flat tax across the board. If you are in business and make money, you pay the tax. La-de-da-de everybody in business. Individuals, companies, corporations. Ben Carson has the most perfect plan to accomplish this. The other thing to keep from ripping off the taxpayers is to make government have a balanced budget.

  2. The FBI has had Hunter Biden’s laptop for 3 years. Why can’t they tell us if the CORRUPTION by Joe Biden that is shown on the laptop is legitimate. Could it be that the FBI has become the Praetorian Guard for the Democrats….it sure looks that way. Maybe it’s time to defund the FBI…

  3. There is less and less that people can claim these dayes. I think there will come a time when you can’t claim anything and we seniors will be taxed on our social security that wa paid into while working!🥲

    1. Actually Social Security money has already been taxed. It was taxed when it was in your gross income before taxes when you got your paycheck that means that the Social Security money that went into Social Security has already been taxed should not be taxed again when you receive it. The IRS is the most corrupt branch of the government taxing us on the money we make before taking out for social security and then taxing us again when we get social security

  4. Ever since Biden took office, not only inflation hit, bit 90000 jobs were cut within 30 days. It’s a disgrace the way he handles America and now wants us to pat for the tremendous debt he created by not allowing us to deduct basically nothing. Wow. Shameful

    1. He got a tax cut through for the wealthy and some for the middle class; however that ends this year, and middle-class taxes will skyrocket. This was a Trump/Republican bill that was deliberately known that it would run out. Put the blame where it belongs.

      More jobs have been created with Biden than Trump and Bush altogether. Unemployment is at record low; jobs are there if you want to work. Trump ruined America, and now it’s being cleaned up. Stock market hit record high yesterday. Gas, which Biden was blamed for raising and not true, has dropped to $2.75 in my area, which is less than during part of the Trump years. Because of the pandemic and no travel, gas was lower during that time, but when it was over, everyone made up for not traveling, vacations, etc., so gas naturally rose after that. If Biden get the blame for that, now he gets the credit for lowering it.

    2. You do understand that Trump set these deductions to expire during his successor’s term so that he would not be blamed, right?

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