These 8 East Coast States Are the Best Places to Retire in The U.S.


We’re all waiting for retirement because we know that will be the time of our lives—the time when we can finally forget about the stress at work and just relax. However, some of you might wonder where you’re going to spend your golden years.

If, for instance, you know you want to settle somewhere close to the Atlantic but you’re not sure where exactly, this guide will definitely walk you through the best places to retire on the East Coast. It’s also worth mentioning that if you want to make your dream retirement a reality, it might take money, and saving enough also requires a lot of planning.

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How to Determine Where’s the Best Place to Retire on the East Coast

A series of factors need to be considered when you’re deciding on the best place to move to on the East Coast. Healthcare is definitely extremely important to seniors, so we took into consideration the number of medical centers per 1,000 residents in every city.

Tax burden is also very important, especially for older people living on a fixed income or even off of retirement savings. That’s how we decided to look into the overall tax burden of 2018. Activities are also fairly important to a proper retirement, so we also checked the number of recreation centers for every 1,000 residents.

Ultimately, knowing that the ability to form a community with like-minded people is very important to all seniors, that’s why we decided to check both the number of retirement communities and the percentage of the overall population. So let’s see what the best 10 places are to retire to on the East Coast, shall we?

Cumming, Georgia

Located only an hour away from the north of Atlanta and very close to the shores of Lake Lanier, Cumming is not the only place to retire on the East Coast. It’s also the second-best place to live in all of America. It also ranks first on the list of the best places to retire in Georgia.

Cumming leads this list with 32.93 medical centers per 1,000 residents, so you will definitely be able to find the best care you need. Here, the tax burden is on the high side, at no less than 18%. That tax rate is the fifth highest on the list.

Moreover, the town leads the list with 1.79 recreation centers and 8.59 retirement communities per 1,000 residents. Given that Cumming is very close to Atlanta, you can easily take advantage of all the arts and entertainment options the city has to offer, including professional sports games and museums.

It’s also very close to Lake Lanier, a reservoir where you can boat, swim, and even enjoy the beach.

Great Neck, New York

This hamlet on Long Island is closely tied for the second-highest tax burden on the list. However, it also has the second-highest number of medical centers for every 1,000 residents. Great Neck also comes in second when it comes to retirement communities, with 3.76 per 1,000 residents.

Seniors who are 65 and over usually make up 18% of the population. That’s honestly towards the bottom of the list, but it’s still a fairly decent portion of older people if that’s what matters to you. Also, Great Neck is just down the road from New York City, so if you’re eager to tap into all the culture the city has to offer, from Broadway to art museums, they are all available.

Seaford, Delaware

Seaford is closely tied for the lowest tax burden of any other city in this article. In fact, the city’s tax rate comes in at only 11%, so you really won’t have to worry about sending too much of your cash to Uncle Sam.

But it’s worth mentioning that Seaford doesn’t fare as well when it comes to retirement communities, since its 0.14 retirement communities per 1,000 residents put it close to the bottom of the list. Seaford also has the fourth-fewest medical centers for every 1,000 residents, even if 7.27 medical centers per 1,000 residents is still a pretty good number.

Seaford is home to a number of parks where you can experience the wonderful outdoors. As an extra perk, Seaford’s annual Christmas Parade is by far the biggest on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Exeter, NH

This town is around 15 minutes from the Atlantic Coast, so if you’re a big fan of windy days by the ocean, then you will love it here. Besides, Exeter has a number of historic churches, which also include one that dates back to the 17th century.

If you’re a history aficionado, it’s worth mentioning that Exter is home to the American Independence Museum. The tax burden in Exeter is low, at only 11.3%. In fact, there are 5.42 medical centers for every 1,000 residents. This also places Exeter second to last on the list in that specific metric, but it’s still a fairly good number in the grand scheme of things.

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New Hyde Park, New York

New Hyde Park is another Long Island town, which means that residents will easily have access to New York City. Queens and Brooklyn are especially easy drives. And the good news is that of all the multicultural places in the area, New Hyde Park is actually one of the best.

The town itself has a tax burden of 18.90%, which is the second highest on the list. It also has 22.99 medical centers for every 1,000 residents, which is the third-highest number of medical centers of any city on the list. If you’re looking for diversity, this is the place for you, because New Hyde Park has the second-lowest senior population percentage on the list, with 14.4%.

Fairfax, Virginia

Fairfax is located in Northern Virginia, and it’s an independent city within the larger Fairfax County. It has a tax burden that’s towards the middle of the list, at only 16.7%, and it also comes in fourth in terms of medical centers, with only 15.55 for every 1,000 residents.

Fairfax lands in third with 2.91 retirement communities for every 1,000 residents. It’s also very close to Washington, D.C., and the impressive cultural options that our nation’s capital has to offer, including the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian museums, and even the National Mall.

Bel Air, Maryland

Probably the best way to be the next Prince of Bel-Air is to move to Maryland. This specific town might have the highest tax burden of any other city on the list, with 18.9%, which you should make sure to take into account when you’re calculating your cost of living.

On the bright side, Bel Air has a rather respectable 11.33 medical centers for every 1,000 residents, which automatically places the city fifth in that metric. Bel Air also has a wide population of older people. Seniors who are 65 and older make up 21% of the town’s population.

Also, Bel Air has some of the best arts and entertainment districts, where concerts are constantly held. It’s also very close to both Philadelphia and Baltimore, so both of these cities have amenities and recreational opportunities nearby.

Hendersonville, North Carolina

Hendersonville comes in sixth, with 7.8 medical centers for every 1,000 residents. It does have the third highest tax burden at 18.4%. Also, the town’s senior population is no less than 32%. Hendersonville’s 1.34 recreation centers for every 1,000 residents will definitely sound luring if you’re eager to pick up various hobbies during retirement.

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