6 Shocking Ways You Can LOSE Your Social Security Benefits

Social Security month
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Did you know you can lose your social security benefits due to these simple things?

As a retiree, you can be eligible to receive Social Security benefits like most older retirees are, but it can also be the case that you lose these payments. It isn’t always about how much you can receive, but rather that you can receive less or none at all because of some things that you have done that will impact your payments. Sometimes it is out of our control, and sometimes this situation when we lose out on Social Security benefits is tied directly to our actions.

In order to make sure that you do not end up shrinking or losing your slice of the pie if you decide to collect your benefits soon or even if you are receiving them at the present time, It is better to be in the know than to accidentally make a mistake and ruin your chances of getting the help you need, or even worse, lose these benefits most Americans really count on.

Tell us in the comments if you know about these ways you can lose your Social Security benefits or if they are all news to you!

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8 Responses

  1. Another way to lose SS benefits (which I hope does not apply to any readers here): Move to a country that the USA does not have diplomatic relations with, such as North Korea, Iran (I think), and there are a few others.

  2. Did not know about ways we can lose Social Security. Please tell me what to look for or do.

  3. My husband and I have been married for 59 years this October. We inherited his family’s farm 30 years ago and paying taxes with very little income from it. My husband decided to sell it two years ago. I was relieved over our finances until we found out that our Social Security which would have been increased this year took a definite decrease after IRS informed Social Security about our income from the sale of the farm. With the proposed increase in SS benefits we would have been better off to have kept the farm and left it to our children. Now we are dependent on using money from the sale of the farm to live on. I know “life” isn’t fair, but it seems things never get better. just worse.

  4. I think if anyone is caught selling or stealing other peoples medicine or on benefits getting caught doing those things should lose benefits.

  5. Thanks for giving me this information. As a matter of fact, I’m among those who have lost part of their Social
    Security earnings as of January 1, 2024. My monthly benefits shrunk from $1,015.70 to $579.60 without courtesy of a heads-up to expect the drastic change. I’m still waiting for the “why” to this unexpected act.

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