10 US States With Property Taxes so High It’s Ridiculous

property taxes
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How much money do you spend on property taxes?

In some states, houses are relatively affordable, property tax rates are somewhere around half of 1 percent, and the average tax payment is no more than a few hundred bucks per year.

However, there are other states where the houses are pricey, the rates soar over 2%, and the average annual property tax bills creep up to $10,000 per year.

Financial experts have ranked the states with the scariest property taxes in America, including the average home value, the percentage rate, and the average dollar amount paid.

To give you some context, the average house value in the US is $349,015, the average effective property tax is 1.04%, and the average annual property tax payment is $3,630.

Here are states where owning real estate is quite expensive!

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6 Responses

  1. Bull, Colorado has some of the highest around, weld county is 4 to 5% on property , ours jumped in one year to almost 4500

  2. As senior adults we pay 2/3 of our property taxes for schools we have no children in and have never had children in – we don’t have any children! Also, if you want any type of exemptions that might be available, you have to go to the office that process these exemptions – too bad if you are disabled and have a hard time being mobile and do not put a sign in your front yard protesting taxes, the county will come by and remove them – wonderful Illinois!

    1. Who do you think paid for your kids to go to school. Remember you as a taxpayer have the right and obligation to vote for what increases in taxes you will have. Tabor Amendment which was voted on and passed by the taxpayers. Taxpayers blame yourselves. Also, the average house since 1965 to 2013 has gone up in value/sales by 35 times but taxes have only gone up 4 times. Look at history on your individual property. Also, due to State Statute, the assessment ratio for residential property has gone down from 30% to 6.98%. Commercial property has gone from 30% to 29%, but Commercial properties receive tax kick backs from City and County of Denver, Aurora, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Englewood, Lakewood, Boulder, Vail, Aspen, Grand Junction, Golden, Littleton, Adam’s County, Jefferson County, Summit County, Douglas County and Boulder County to off set higher taxes for them.

  3. This post surprised me. I knew CT was high, #5 on the list, but I never thought yhat CA and NY are not even in the top 10.

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