10 US States With Property Taxes so High It’s Ridiculous

property taxes
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How much money do you spend on property taxes?

In some states, houses are relatively affordable, property tax rates are somewhere around half of 1 percent, and the average tax payment is no more than a few hundred bucks per year.

However, there are other states where the houses are pricey, the rates soar over 2%, and the average annual property tax bills creep up to $10,000 per year.

Financial experts have ranked the states with the scariest property taxes in America, including the average home value, the percentage rate, and the average dollar amount paid.

To give you some context, the average house value in the US is $349,015, the average effective property tax is 1.04%, and the average annual property tax payment is $3,630.

Here are states where owning real estate is quite expensive!

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