13 Perfect Banks for Your Needs in 2023


What do YOU think is the most trustworthy bank?

It’s simply not true that money is better off in your own hands. Gone are the days when you could stuff wads of cash in the back of your wardrobe or in your mattress.

Nowadays, relying on a bank is tantamount to living, it seems. Without a trustworthy one at your side, it’s difficult to handle your finances. 

We’ve all heard it: banks are greedy, they’re out to get you, they can’t be trusted. But the truth of the matter is, they need your services as much as you need theirs. 

That’s why, in 2023, if you’re worried or confused about which one to open an account with, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s our list of places you could trust with your hard-earned money.

Of course, with everyone’s financial situation being different, it’s difficult to make a list that fits all walks of life. We just hope that at least one of these entries fits your bill!

1. Bank of America

Sometimes when talking about banks it’s easy to get wrapped up in offers, accounts and interest rates. But we’ve added Bank of America on this list because it’s always available in some shape or form. 

First off, with 4,500 branches across the US, speaking to someone face to face is easy, no matter where you’re located. Another option is to call their customer service line, open 8AM to 11PM on weekdays or 8AM to 8PM on weekends.

Bank of America prides itself on excellent customer service and we can’t help but agree. 

And, finally, you can stay in touch with your account by using their phone app. One of its great perks is setting notifications for unusual activity, which could come in handy for unsuspecting victims of fraud. 

All in all, whether you chose to call them, head to a nearby branch, ATM or use their app, you can always expect Bank of America to be right there for you at all times. 

2. CIT Bank

This bank seems to work best for a very specific group of people. The first thing you should probably know is that they don’t offer a checking account, so if that’s something you’re interested you can simply skip to the next big player. 

CIT Bank has also been described as a good fit for those who prefer to use cash and are very serious about budgeting. Their money market accounts allow customers to make six free transactions a month. 

It’s also great for people who want high-interest rates for savings and it’s also known for flexibility when it comes to CD accounts. A lot of customers praise their 11 months no penalty CD precisely because they’re able to make withdrawals after just one week of opening it up. 

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3. Barclays

If you’re looking for a tried and tested, reliable savings platform, look no further. Barclays has been around since 1690 so you know they’ve had time to fine-tune.

You might think that having a relatively low range of offers makes Barclays difficult to work with, but 45 million customers can’t be wrong! Arguably the most attractive thing about Barclays is a 2.10% APY. 

Credit cards, investment and corporate banking, as well as wealth management, are all part of their portfolio. You might not be able to get a consumer loan though them, and checking accounts aren’t available either but what they can do for you is nonetheless impressive.

4. Huntington

Huntington has been praised as a good option for people who want as many options from their banks as possible. That, added to outstanding customer experiences makes us wonder why it’s not such a well-known option. 

Investing, borrowing, banking, and insurance products are just a few items on a list of what they have to offer. Ever wonder what it would be like to forgo fee worries entirely?

Well, look no further than their Asterisk-Free Checking account, though a thing of note about it is that it also doesn’t accrue interest. 

Still, low fees seem to be their motto, alongside rewarding CD accounts. For reasonable interest rates, you should take a look at their savings accounts while Huntington 5 Checking is advertised as helpful in that it has low or easy to avoid fees and APY. 

On top of numerous personal banking possibilities, Huntington also offers a variety of business and commercial options.

5. Chase

Since Chase is the largest one in the nation (asset size), it’s no wonder they’re able to put so many bonuses on the table. Feel like earning $200? Open a checking account. 

A savings account will earn you $150 too if you deposit $10,000 and maintain the balance for 90 days. If you’ve got a good handle on your money why not use it to your advantage in order to earn more? 

The really great thing about this option is that you could earn these rewards while also having a place for all your banking needs, from loans to investment tools, credit scores, and savings. 

The real question is, is there anything Chase can’t do for their clients? 

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6. PNC

Many of PNC’s customers praise the company by saying it has singlehandedly helped them handle their finances and budgeting by making every process easy. All of it is thanks to the Virtual Wallet, which is also why we decided to add it to our list. 

Using the Virtual Wallet is easy and intuitive, not to mention rewarding. Your account will be split into three categories which are pretty self-explanatory: Spend, Growth, and Reserve. 

Use the Growth category for larger savings and the Reserve category for short-term savings- it also has free overdraft protection. 

Some perks for using the Virtual Wallet include limited time promotions, a bill calendar and the ease with which you can create budgets.

There’s also a $7 monthly fee, but by having at least $500 in the Spend and Reserve categories combined or $500 directly deposited in the Spend category monthly, you can say goodbye to it. It often feels that PNC is just trying to make everyone’s banking experience easier. 


You might be surprised that BBVA made it on this list considering it costs $25 dollars to open a free checking account with them, but they offer so much more that it’s honestly hard to resist their pull.

For example, for that same checking account, there will be no monthly service charges or ATM fees when using BBVA ATMs. Their money market account earning 2,4% and their CD are two other things to keep in mind. 

The cherry on top for us is how easy it is to open a BBVA account online.

Not only that but activating new cards, tracking purchases, making payments, accessing rewards, changing pins and even reporting your card stolen are just some of the things you can do with BBVA Wallet, online.

If this all sounds very familiar to you, by the way, you might remember them by their previous name, BBVA Compass. 

8. Ally Bank

It’s not just you, Ally bank seems to be everywhere. That’s all thanks to an impressive advertising push. We’ve decided to take a closer look and see if there’s anything of interest.

And do we have good news for you! Ally bank is a good option when it comes to internet banking precisely because of their impressive rates. If not being able to walk in a nearby branch isn’t something that bothers you, you should consider opening an account with them.

You have the option between Ally Interest Checking, Ally Money Market and Ally Online Savings. 

With Ally Online savings you’ll be surprised to find they offer a 2.10% APY, considerably higher than traditional banks, on all balance tiers.

This option doesn’t even have maintenance fees or balance minimums, which is just another way of making your banking experience much more pleasant.

9. SunTrust

If you’re a student or if your child is a high school student, there’s hardly a better option than SunTrust, which has earned the trust of numerous other people at the same juncture in life. 

The lack of a monthly fee combined with intuitive and easy to access and use online banking seems to be a good first step when learning about finances.

SunTrust offers mobile banking, bill pay and account balance alerts too, all of which are crucial for those whose finances are a bit tight but that still want to start off on the right foot when it comes to banking. 

10. Citibank

Citibank might not be a viable option for everyone and that’s because they mainly specialize in one type of client. That being said there’s no denying that they’re very good at what they do. 

You should consider opting for Citibank if you’re looking for large investment accounts, have a credit card through them or if you’ve got a lot of savings.

Also, if bonuses are important to you when choosing a bank, Citibank has got you covered, though you also have to meet some requirements. 

For example, depositing $15,000 will secure you $300 while $50,000 in a Citi Priority Account Package will secure you $500. 

ThankYou Points will also be accumulated the more you use their credit card services. You can use them for gift cards, shopping sprees or on flights.

Finally, a Citi Private Pass will open the door to a lot of concerts or sporting events, making sure you have fun while your money is well taken care of. 

11. Wells Fargo

Accessibility and incredible rates come together to make up Wells Fargo. It’s recognized by a lot of customers as one of the best banks out there, and it’s no wonder. We think something about being open for more than 150 years has something to do with it. 

Want more concrete proof? Well, they have also won GoBankingRater’ best bank survey two years in a row. 

Back to accessibility, a Well’s Fargo branch or ATM is always within reach, so being able to keep an eye out on your money and accounts is exceptionally easy under their care. 

Opening an account is easy: you only need either a deposit of $25 or $50 dollars. Fees can range from $5 to $30 dollars, depending on your choice. 

Not only is Wells Fargo accessible and prize-worthy, but they’re also affordable. 

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12. TD Bank

TD Bank is the sort of place that offers straightforward services as well as interesting perks. Really, it’s a ‘best of both worlds’ type of bank. 

Want to open a checking account without being overwhelmed by confusing options? TD Simple is perfect for you and it doesn’t require a minimum balance. Need more? TD Premium will earn you interest if you have more than $2,500 in your account. 

Also, TD bank seems to be a fan of travelers. Free ATMs will be available to you everywhere, including Canada. There, you can use TD Canada Trust ATMs at no additional cost. You also won’t have to worry about debit card fees abroad.

All in all TD bank seems like a no-nonsense option with a few interesting perks. 

13. TIAA Bank

Investing money is TIAA’s specialty. You’ll be free to pick between three different CDs according to your deposit and needs. Open a Basic CD with $1000 or a premier Yield Pledge CD with $5000. 

Would you like the option to bump up your interest rate when your bank’s interest rate increases? Then look no further than TIAA’s Bump rate CD. 

For investors, picking TIAA Bank, formerly known as Everbank, is a no-brainer. 

So this is our favorite bank list for 2020. We’re pretty sure there’s something in here for everyone but if not, let us know what you’re looking for and why? If you’re not going to take your business to one of the places listed above, what other banks do you have in mind? 

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  1. I have found from personal experience that Bank of America is “IMPOSSIBLE” to reach over the phone and in order for me to even ask a simple question, I am forced to walk into the bank in person. I am handicapped and without transportation, and although the bank is just two blocks away, phones are never answered.

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