Want to Live on Social Security Alone? AVOID These 11 US Cities!

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Retirement is a big change for anybody, not only in terms of lifestyle but also when it comes to income and location. Just to give you an example, the average Social Security income for retirees in January 2023 was $1,827.

It’s a known fact that some American citizens still rely solely on their Social Security benefits, which means they receive an average payment of less than $22,000 in annual income. And for those retirees who still work, absorbing the high costs of living is truly not a good option, given that they don’t have any other retirement savings.

In these cases, we shouldn’t be discussing anything about cities with a higher cost of living. It’s simply not the case. That’s why we’ve decided to discuss some of the worst cities you could ever live in with only your Social Security checks.

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