4 Best Places by the Water to Relocate in Retirement

places by the water
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Tampa, Florida

Going back to the Sunshine State and the beachfront, if Miami is not for you, we have other places by the water that are going to be a better fit for you. In the end, Tampa is another location that is held in high regard by people who love to live next to water, along with a lot of retirees who believe this to be the best location for them to retire. In the end, this is among some of the most reasonable places by the water where you can buy a home. The median price for rent is around $1,250, while a monthly home with a mortgage attached goes for somewhere around $1,700.

Known as a great location both for tourists and retirees, Tampa is an impressive town full of several skyscrapers and high rises. The port in the city is another place of interest, as there are numerous cruises that are both arriving and leaving from here, which makes it even more appealing for couples who are looking to travel in a relaxing way and also visit the world, provided you do not get seasick.

Otherwise, Tampa has a lot of the same appealing features that other places by the water have, including wonderful beaches and water activities, along with festivals and parades that are held here and enchant locals and tourists alike! Their most famous one is the Gasparilla Pirate Festival, which also includes mock reenactments of pirates attacking Tampa Bay!

If you have your eyes set on Florida, regardless of the places by the water, then you should be in the know about all the amazing places that you can visit in this amazing state. This is our recommended guide that you should look into!

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