Affordable U.S. Cities: 4 of the Best Ones for Retirement

affordable u.s. cities
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Missouri: Joplin

You may have heard about our first entry on our affordable U.S. cities list due to the fact that the infamous gangster duo Bonnie and Clyde used to hide here at one point during their Depression-era bank robbery streak. Nowadays, it has other claims to fame, such as the fact that a tornado devastated 30% of the city back in 2011 and that it is indeed one of the most affordable U.S. cities that is great for relocation and for retirees.

Joplin is a medical center for the area it is in, and there are two major hospitals that are key points for the region and for the state, as they serve another three neighboring states: Arkansas, Kansas, and Oklahoma. Another great thing about Joplin is that the city is of decent size, with a lot of major employers in the area, which brings the unemployment rate down (around 2.6%), and the city is quaint and safe for its residents.

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