Affordable U.S. Cities: 4 of the Best Ones for Retirement

affordable u.s. cities
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Texas: Harlingen

When it comes to naming one of the most affordable U.S. cities, we cannot gloss over Harlingen, Texas. In fact, when we look only at numbers, this town in the Lone Star State ranks as the cheapest city in which you could be located. With the cost of living almost 23% below the median cost nationwide, it is not a surprise why it would occupy such a spot on maps.

Likewise, if you wish to own your home in this city, the average cost of a home is around $104,000, which makes owning property in this city very affordable if you have sold somewhere before or if you already planned on investing in real estate!

You would have to be careful about the least desirable area of the town, which is called Brownsville-Harlingen, but otherwise, you will find this city to be extremely affordable for just about everything. The only aspect where you will find yourself paying more is utility bills, which are 6.8% more expensive than in other parts of the country. Given that everything else, from gas to groceries, is getting way more affordable, this trade is more than worth it.

The city is centered around the surrounding agriculture, and you will be able to find everything your heart desires in the area, making it a hub for people who are looking for the most affordable U.S. cities in the nation!

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