6 Worst Side Jobs for Retirees in the US

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Would you like to have a side job as a retiree?

If you’re already retired, you know that it’s getting harder and harder to retire comfortably and have no worries in your next life stage. Generally speaking, people have this idea that they start building their careers, working and hustling each day to make more money and a name for themselves, and then open retirement plans so they can live happily during their golden years.

But is that dream still achievable? Can people retire and only live off the money they set aside? With the recent issues we’ve been through, including the COVID-19 pandemic, bank collapses roiling the stock market, and rising inflation, a lot of American citizens mentioned that they think about looking for a side job to make some extra cash.

According to research, the average retirement age for boomers is around 71, millennials think about leaving the workforce at the age of 61, and gen zers plan on saying goodbye to their workplaces when they’re 59.

That leads us to a simple question: how possible is early retirement? And what can you do to be able to retire when you feel like it without having to think about having a side job to support your living costs? Click on the next page and let’s discuss more about it!

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