Top 10 Safest Small Towns in New York for Seniors

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Which are the safest small towns in the Empire State?

When it comes to safety, the state of New York fares well compared to the rest of the US. Although the state has a whopping violent crime rate of 18th in the country, it’s 9th lowest in property crime.

However, New York State’s violent crime rate of roughly 3.6 incidents per 1,000 residents is a bit lower than the national average of 4.0. Also, the property crime rate of 13.9 incidents per 1,000 is five incidents lower than the national average of 19.6.

Generally speaking, New York’s cities fare well regarding the safety index, which is a fusion of law enforcement, FBI crime statistics, and the resident ratio. In fact, 61 of New York’s cities score 0.3 or higher on the safety index, and, according to experts, this is an impressive level of safety.

So, based on these statistics, we’ve rounded up the safest small towns in New York State to live in. If you’re planning to move to New York (or to a different city within the state), this article is for you!

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