Upstate New York: 8 Affordable Towns to Retire to

upstate new york towns
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What are some of the most affordable Upstate New York towns to live in?

Retirement can be the perfect occasion to develop new life habits and get a chance to do things you couldn’t do in your working years. Those willing to try something completely new in their golden years can start planning to move to paradisiacal islands in the Americas or even to South American towns perfect for retirement.

However, retirees can find the ideal home within the US, especially when moving to a small town. For instance, New York boasts many remarkable places, from the serene Finger Lakes to the scenic Hudson Valley, where there are communities that combine a welcoming atmosphere with natural beauty.

As we all know, the Empire State isn’t the most affordable state, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t retire cheaply in New York.

We’ve rounded up some of the most affordable Upstate New York towns to live in, each of which also happens to promise plenty of beauty, comfortable living, attractions, and activities. Let’s get started!

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