Upstate New York: 8 Affordable Towns to Retire to

oswego, NY
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4. Oswego

No. 4 on our list of the most affordable Upstate New York towns is Oswego. Located in the Great Lakes region, which is home to many relaxing destinations, this town is one of the best places to move to after retiring.

As a lake town near Lake Ontario, Oswego combines history and charm and boasts a rich maritime heritage that can be best explored at attractions like the H. Lee White Maritime Museum.

This town also has a strategic spot to look at the sunset, and the Oswego River offers opportunities for boating and fishing. Nearby highlights include the Richardson-Bates House Museum and Fort Ontario.

According to the latest data, the cost of living in Oswego with rent is $1,925, and without rent, it is just $722. This is definitely one of the most affordable Upstate New York towns to live in!

Keep reading to discover other affordable Upstate New York towns!

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