7 Ways Social Security Affects Women


Do you know how retirement benefits actually work?

Social Security is a key element of most American people’s retirement plans, but what exactly do you know about the program? Well, if you’re a woman, you may want to know that Social Security can be a little different for you.

According to the most recent Center for Disease Control data, women live between 5 and 10 years longer than men. More precisely, the average man in America has a life expectancy of about 76 years, while the average American woman will live to age 81. As a result, women are more likely to spend more time in retirement.

So, knowing how Social Security works exactly may help you better understand what the program can mean to you and your family.

At what age can I retire, and how does this affect me? Can divorced women receive their ex-spouse’s social security benefits? We’ve rounded up the most important aspects related to Social Security a woman should know. Read on to find out about them!

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  1. I am a federal employee and will turn 65 in 2023. I am still working. Do I have to apply for SS or can I delay till I retire?

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