Don’t Pay for These 26 Things! Here’s How to Get Them for Free!

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Everybody is looking for a good deal, right? Discount codes, coupons, sales… we’re always on the lookout for them just to avoid paying even a penny more than we have to. Hey, if that means waiting until December to buy a new swimsuit for next summer, all the power to you! It means you’re patient and conscious of how to save money.

But there are ways for you to take it even further. There are certain things in life that you can literally do for free and yet people and companies have tricked us into believing that you have to pay for them.

No. Stop. Put your wallet away, put your credit card down. We’re here to teach you about 26 things you never have to pay for again. Here’s how you can do or get these things for free!

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  1. Wow!! LOVE YOU!! ❤️ ALL THESE info.helps to know! Now!! I have to tell my hubby! REALLY GREAT INFORMATION 👍 👌!

  2. Good information, but I’m curious about one statement contained in the article. In item 24 titled Water, we find this sentence referring to reusing a water bottle – “Oh and you’ll not only save money by doing so, but you’ll be helping the planet out by keeping fewer plastic water bottles out of landfills.” If we keep fewer plastic bottles out of the landfill, that means there are more going into it. My question is, how are we helping the planet by infusing more plastic bottles into landfills?

  3. Why in some states the internet, phone and tv are only $10.00 a month for seniors. Dental implants are not offered to us, claiming it is classified costemtic surgery?? yet several people have had chocking while eating?? We need to fight for the things we need. Hey, I have fought all my life cause I have never been married??? It isn’t fair at all. Nothing is being done for us enough. Were is the power of the senior and we can win for the items we want???

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