The Pink Tax: How, When, and Why Women Paid More on Some Taxes

pink tax
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Have you been wondering about the pink tax and were wondering what it is?

A lot of us end up hearing about “the pink tax”, but not all of us know what it truly is and what it represents. The story of this type of tax goes way back to the day when taxes became part of our lives, and to this day we still have it around. Yet, what is it exactly?

The easy way to put it is that it is an extra tax added on mainly women’s products, along with sanitary products for women and other women-specific items; however, it has been shown over the years to be applied to other items that are just aimed at girls and women. The reality behind this tax is that it is not really a tax in the dictionary sense of the word, but rather a more preconceived notion and a practical way in which women have to pay more for certain products despite there being nothing that would make them special.

Here at Easy Seniors Club, we know that there are a lot of confusing pieces of information around the pink tax, and that is exactly why we have sought out to both explain what it is, explain how it works, and give you an overview of this type of tax in this article! If we made you curious, keep reading!

Have you ever heard or thought about the pink tax before? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below!

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