Are You a Writer? These 11 Side Gigs Are Just for You!


If you’re a writer, you’ll want to hear us out!

If you’re a writer and you’ve got a way with words then why not use your abilities to earn some extra cash? You don’t have to be a novelist to make it big, and one small gig can turn into a business with enough perseverance and passion. 

Gone are the days when reading and writing were just hobbies. More and more businesses rely on people with literary talents to help them out, either with creative input or because of their eye for detail. The best part is that you can do most of these remotely, so you won’t even have to leave the comfort of your own home to earn money. 

1. Blogging

Let’s get the big, obvious one out of the way first. Blogging has been around for quite a while and while more and more people turn to vlogging– that is video blogging, there’s still an audience for the former. You just need to find your niche and market yourself as well as you can in order to gain a following. 

People visit blogs to look for two main things: opinions or advice. Add a little humor on top and you’re basically sitting on a gold mine. Put your creativity to the test and start becoming a writer who’s all about your passion, what interests you or whatever’s popular at the time. 

You make money through blogging by hosting ads on your pages. The more people that visit, the better. So make sure you share your posts on social media as much as you can while you’re at it!

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2. Book Flipping

So, this one doesn’t require you to be a writer. We added this on the list because chances are, you’re probably a book lover too. 

Have you ever considered how lucrative book flipping is? It might not sound like much at first and it’s true, you’ll need to do a lot of research in order to see any results. But you can’t deny that working with rare books isn’t exciting. 

A lot of first-time book flippers found their goldmine at garage sales, antique stores, even thrift shops. All you need to do is know what you’re looking for and then go out there and search. 

3. Cover Letter and Resume Service

Landing a job as a writer is difficult. Sometimes even getting an invitation for an interview can feel like a massive hurdle. On top of that, without an amazing cover letter, most employers won’t even look at a resume. 

That’s where you can help, especially if you have any HR knowledge. You can help applicants get their foot through the door and in today’s highly competitive job market, we’re sure you’ll have your hands full in no time. 

4. Proofreading

If you don’t have enough time to write your own material but still fill passionate about it, consider proofreading. By offering your services as a writer in this department you’ll find lots of work in several different fields. 

Just keep in mind that not everything you’ll be required to proofread will be literary. Maybe you’ll be asked to look over a scientific article or a blog post in a niche that you’ve got no connections with. But that shouldn’t deter you. As long as you can fix run-on sentences and make sure the grammar is solid, you’ll do amazingly! 

Might I add, it also really helps if you have friends that work in several different areas. Ask them to spread the word, but also don’t forget you’re going to have to advertise yourself online too. 


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5. Copywriting

Copywriting entails writing content for just about anything. Most copywriters work on specialized websites, but it’s a different business altogether from blogging. With this, your clients or employers will give you tasks instead. You don’t have to worry about ads or marketing, you just have to write.

And it doesn’t stop there either. Copywriters handle anything from advertisements to product descriptions and more.

6. Teaching/ Tutoring Online

If you think teaching is only meant for the classroom, think again. Many students nowadays are looking for extra help in their studies without the headache of traveling to and from classes. Your writing skills can come in handy, especially in the English department. 

You could give students an extra hand with their literature courses or even come up with your own classes and sell them online. But that’s not all. You could also offer English lessons for foreign speakers. 

That’s where your experience as a writer will come in handy. You don’t have to write essays but proficient skills will make you stand out from the crowd. 

7. Translation / Interpretation Service

This is for those who also speak a second language. Writing skills are imperative since you’ll be tasked with translating a slew of documents from vastly different fields. Trust me, I’ve been that person. 

You don’t have to be an expert writer on any of those topics. Your linguistic skills, as well as a bit of research potential, are all you need to get started. And while you’re at it, why not look for some interpretation gigs. Often, the two go hand in hand. 

8. Notary Public Service

Chances are, you don’t need specialized education to become a notary. You’re going to have to check the application process in your state, but not all of them require any schooling. It’s far more likely that you’ll have to take a test, but never both. 

At most you’ll be required to pay a fee for processing the application and printing the notary commission certificate. You can also speak to your employer and see if they’re willing to foot the bill, but this might only work if your job is somewhat adjacent to notary work. On top of that, even if you seek employment elsewhere in the future, you’ll still keep your certificate. 

This requires an eye for detail and for you to know specialized lingo. But if you’re a writer, chances are these things already come easily to you. 

9. Ghostwriting

For aspiring authors, ghostwriting might not sound like a great idea. A lot of us think it’s a waste of time to write someone else’s texts when we could be working on our own. Well, that’s only partly true. 

The thing is, ghostwriters can gain a lot of experience in the industry. You’ll learn the lay of the land pretty quickly without feeling like you’re sacrificing your magnum opus. 

And ghostwriters can earn a pretty decent wage as well. You need to do a bit of networking in order to gain contacts and you’ll need to show off your skills in the process. A lot of celebrities that don’t have time to write their own books or bibliographies seek out ghostwriters but shh! That’s a trade secret!

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10. Hyper-Local News

As with blogging, making money in the newspaper business is all about advertisements. With that in mind, why not start your own newspaper? It could be a hyperfocused gig, concentrated on just your community, however small. 

Not only will you be using your passion on a nearly daily basis, but you’ll also help your community grow stronger in the process. 

Not into newspapers? Take it a step further and create a website instead!

11. Write a novel

And, finally, I’m here to encourage you to write your own book! Whatever it may be, whatever the genre or type, it’s never too late to start. 

That’s just the thing. A lot of writers think their vision isn’t anything new. Some don’t even know where to start. But nobody was born an award-winning author. Chip at it one day at a time and soon you’ll see your art come to life. 

Also, have you seen how much money you could make? If your book is just right for the current market you could make it big, so start writing today and see where you’ll be in a few months’ time. Our guess? A lot further along than you expected. 

Trying to start that novel, but your computer has become a dinosaur?!? You can always find some great options on Amazon. We recommend THIS one!

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