5 Amazing Jobs to Pick Up During Retirement

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#4 Teacher at Public Schools

If you like a more structured environment than tutoring, then why not become a substitute teacher for secondary schools? We all know just how dire the teaching situation can be depending on the district, and some schools would die to have a substitute teacher help them out with staff shortages.

You can either make use of your old university degree in teaching or just go for some of the non-teaching positions that do not require a certification in order to be able to teach.

Depending on what you want to teach, you may have to get some certification if you do not already have it, but it is not something too hard to get if you truly want to do this. Other districts allow people who have bachelor’s degrees to apply for one-year emergency certifications for substitute teaching, which can speed up the process of getting this job.

Some schools hire themselves, while others in other districts have outsourced this job to other firms in order to fill both staff and substitute positions. The same things are true when it comes to pay, as every district has its own salary guidelines for substitute teachers.

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