5 Amazing Jobs to Pick Up During Retirement

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#5 Youth-Sports Official

If you love being active and working with children, then this is one of the jobs you can take on with no problem, especially since it’s not that taxing depending on what you want to do. Being a youth sports official can range from being in charge of training the kids to being an umpire or referee for the sport of choice. This is a great way to get in on the fun and stay active while also making some extra money. It’s also a great way to spend time with your grandchildren if they’re on a youth team!

You will still have to be fit and go through all the training required in order to become a referee, but it should all be fairly simple if you go to the municipal recreation department or the local school’s athletic office. They should be there to guide you, and then you will have to hit up the regional sports association for the specific sport you want to become a referee for.

This is a fun job that, while it takes some time to be able to become a referee or umpire, is also very rewarding. You cannot undervalue the pay you will receive as you advance through the ranks and begin to referee in larger leagues. You can start from nothing and go all the way up to $35 per youth game and even as much as $65 per high school varsity one! It may not appear to be much, but it is welcome extra income when done on occasion!

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