5 Amazing Jobs to Pick Up During Retirement

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#2 Get a Job at a National Park

Some people dream their whole lives to be able to work in a national park, and once they have the time to do so in retirement, a lot of seniors jump on the opportunity. After all, if you already own an RV, it makes for easy mobility, and you can go to any national park you want, despite it not being a requirement for this job.

Keep in mind that while this is still a job, it is mainly a seasonal one and mostly a side hustle, which is why they are so perfect for seniors. You can work only part of the year and spend the summer outside in nature, making some extra money as well.

You can research more about these types of seasonal jobs online, where you will be able to get all the information about them. Sure, you will not end up being an actual park ranger, but you will be helping around the park as a reservation clerk, gift shop employee, land or water shuttle driver, and even a cook!

Keep in mind that you will be battling the youngsters for some of these jobs, and at the height of the season, it may be harder to find a spot if you do not start looking early. Yet, during the shoulder season, when most college students have already returned to school, there are plenty of openings and the weather is less harsh.

If you have an RV, you may be able to get a free hookup in the park, and most places also offer lodging in lodges or dorms.

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