3 Best Senior Destinations by the Beach (Great for Winter too!)

destinations by the beach
Image By Stuart Monk From Shutterstock

Key West, Florida

If you love family vacations, you may have heard of Key West before. Yet, if you have not, know that this Floridian destination by the beach is one that is loved by them and by seniors alike. Key West is an amazing beach city that will cater to everyone’s tastes.

You can both go and relax on the beach in the shade offered by the palm trees on sandy beaches, but if you are a retiree who is more adventurous, you can easily sign up for some of the low-impact activities the city offers, including dolphin swimming trips and snorkeling sessions.

Likewise, if you ever want a break from all the beach activities, you can easily go down the path of visiting one of the ecological education centers, which will also open to you the natural reserves in the area that are famous for their trails.

What’s more, you can also just stick to some of the highly regarded walking tours of Key West that are going to show you everything the city is about besides its great beaches.

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