3 Best Senior Destinations by the Beach (Great for Winter too!)

destinations by the beach
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Ocho Rios: an exotic destination

You can visit the estate that housed Ian Fleming when he wrote one of his amazing James Bond novels, which is in a nearby town named Oracabsessa. You can also explore the town’s botanical gardens or the nearby rainforest preserves, and even pay a visit to Christopher Columbus’ original landing spot and learn more about the history associated with his arrival.

We do not have to tell you that the weather is spectacular all year round, and you will be pleased to know that there are many adult-only accommodations that come with personal fruit gardens, bars, and even live entertainment! And considering that most of the private beach villas come up to only $200 a night, you can definitely find affordable lodgings if you take a look around at the offers.

Seniors love Ocho Rios, be it that they decide to fly over to Jamaica on a dedicated vacation or that they come on a cruise. This town is a popular spot for cruise lines, which make sure to stop at the local port. So if any cruise has intrigued you lately and they have a day stop in Ocho Rios, make sure you do not miss out on it!

If you want to make sure that you are traveling in the best way and that you are not accidentally breaking the bank when it comes to doing so as a senior, make sure you read all of our tips and tricks on how to travel successfully as a retiree here!

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