3 Best Senior Destinations by the Beach (Great for Winter too!)

destinations by the beach
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Key West’s key points

Climate is one of the things that attracts seniors to this destination by the beach, as Key West is known for a mild climate no matter the month of the year.

The best thing about it that makes it a perfect wintertime destination by the beach is the fact that its wet season is generally between the months of May and October.

If you visit outside of these months, you can avoid the high humidity and just make the most of the warm weather, which will make any activities you choose to do here much more enjoyable.

You can also add to your places to visit lists Ernest Hemingway’s house, along with touristy activities such as pottery classes, sailing, and even ghost tours if you are into them. Miami is also close if you want to explore the area and not have to deal with the bustling of a huge city.

Going to a hotel in Key West can be a bit costly, but there are many other accommodation options you will be able to find, including the likes of family-owned bed and breakfasts, inns, and even pet-friendly villas if you want to bring along your furry friend. If you want to get a good fare for your stay, these should be the best bets you can make.

Make sure you read all about all the things you can do in Key West and around it by purchasing a guidebook! This one is our recommendation!

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