8 Tips From People in the Know About How to Get a Raise

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Career growth is on the mind of every American worker. We all work not only for the joy of contributing to society while doing something we love doing but also (obviously) in order to support our lifestyles. That’s why so many of us are constantly gunning for promotions.

But raises and bonuses are smaller goals along the way. Every employee eagerly awaits the day where their hard work paid off, but recognition doesn’t come easily.

In a perfect world, your employer will offer you a raise themselves. Also, there will be endless snacks in the break room and you’ll also get a free gym membership… but sadly, this is not a perfect world. Your boss may never think to increase your wage unless you ask, likely because they’re trying to save the company money, so don’t take it personally if this hasn’t happened to you.

But that doesn’t mean they’re unwilling to do it if you ask. That being said you need to prepare for such a meeting in advance. Here are 9 tips on how to ask for a raise and get it, all from experienced managers who’ve seen what a successful meeting should look like.

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