5 Ways to Help Your Community As a Financial Activist

Financial activist.
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In this day and age, we all know that money talks.

Most recently, the protests that have swept the nation in the wake of George Floyd’s death have shed light on many social justice issues. The Black Lives Matter movement, supported by some and disparaged by others, has been at the center point of many discussions regarding issues we must all face as citizens of the United States.

So how does that tie in with money at all? After all, the root of the issue, as pointed out by the protesters, is the excessive force used by police. And how have the American people chosen to face such social issues? Why, by either protesting on the streets or boycotting businesses that do not side with their beliefs.

Wanting to have your voice heard, no matter the issue at hand, can be done by using your wallet. No matter which school of thought you’re a part of, it’s important to put your hard-earned cash towards groups and people you believe in.

Such matters have become more and more apparent lately, especially with the rise of social media and the spread of information from one user to another. It’s easier than ever to pinpoint businesses that are in line with your own line of thinking with just a few scrolls and taps.

So, if you want to be a socially conscious consumer and a financial activist, what exactly do you need to do? You might think ‘well, I’ll stop buying that company’s products and hurt their bottom line!’ and while that’s a good place to start, financial activism can encompass so much more!

Are you passionate about human rights, sustainability, the environment, animal welfare, or other causes? Then read on and find out what you can do to help by being a conscious consumer of goods.

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